Stylish designing of the mandap!

Wedding is one of the most precious moment of every one’s life. Most of us plan of a dream wedding. Everybody wants some special and stunning occasion for this great day. Your best choice and selection of each and every aspect make your day more convenient with in your budget.

Any Hindu marriage will be incomplete without a Wedding Mandap as majorly rituals are performed in  the mandap.  A beautiful mandap is the main attraction of a wedding where the groom and the bride take vows around the sacred fire to get bonded with each other for the lifetime. A beautifully decorated mandap will enhance the wedding celebrations and will make your wedding ceremony an unforgettable one.

2. Theme based mandapsThe wedding mandaps can be made of different materials like wood wrought iron or fibre. Different types of styles of architecture are added to the wedding mandaps. The mandaps can have big domes or arches with four, six or eight pillars. They can be decorated with flowers, clothes of different materials like tissue or satin or with artifacts. The mandap is considered as a sign of prosperity and the wedding mandap is usually made of silver and red colour.

“Don’t stress too much on thinking about a gorgeous  mandap because a simple thing can look so beautiful and unique. Decorate your mandap according to your venue, you can use the fresh flower like lilies, orchid and the roses. The beauty of this mandap is that it is completely decorated with the flower which makes this mandap look more attractive. Traditionally decorated mandap that has rich colors in all shades of gold and pink, combined with satin curtains and beautiful flowers enhancing the beauty of it. Perfect balance of traditional styling and modern designs keep them perfectly suited for all Indian rituals.

5. Rajwada mandapTheme based: “While decorating the mandap you need to think of a theme as most of the wedding mandaps are theme based these days. . The entire venue of the wedding is decorated on the basis of a specific theme which includes matching fabrics used for tables and chairs, matching flowers and many other details. Even the wedding cakes in the theme based decorations are made to match with the wedding theme, ” says Mr. Ashu Garg, Founder, Good Times Concept events, a wedding architect firm..

Dome shaped mandap:

A dome shaped mandap that symbolizes rich Indian culture and tradition which is still intact in the mind of the youth.  It shows us that the youth is rooted and has strong morals. A dome shaped architecture could be seen in masjid and gurudwara symbolizing muslim and sikh religion. The mandap has exquisite pillars showing the elite wedding. The dome is decorated with flowers to enhance the look of the mandap. The form of the dome recalls the dome of the sky, or that which is in the direction of heaven.  Many of the ancients conceived of the sky as a dome over the earth in which were lodged the stars and the sun and the moon.

Peacock Mandap:

This type of Peacock Mandap is also designed like a peacock, features detailed intricately carved pillars of Goddess. These are incorporated with the cut work of the wooden pillars. The beauty of this mandap is the goddesses can be seen in all four directions with the reflection of light outside and inside the pillars, characterizing the uniqueness of this mandaps.

Rajwada Mandap:

3. Simple is the best

Rajwada Mandap gives elegance and poise to all that stand in front of it. Its has been carved with lots of flowers . The Rajwada mandaps also giveso royal look to the wedding and this theme is  derived from  ancient  weddings.  When lit up this palazzo creates a mesmerizing effect as the crystals twinkle in your chosen colours. The aisle way pillars along with its magnificent entrance gate and integrated lights, hold hand carved Ganesh murti’s that greet you and your guests as you enter.  The sitting arrangement around the mandap is done by laying heavy and classy cousins and metrics to add to the look. Rajwada Mandaps are a truly contemporary design mixed with a traditional twist.


Once you’ve decided on which Mandap you’re going with, think about what you can use to enhance the design. One trend is to have items hanging down; flowers, bells and lanterns would work quite nicely. Remember, your backdrops, flooring, and ceremony items all need to look the part too.


You need to think carefully about your seating within the Mandap and for your guests. Are you having chairs, sofas, or lower, traditional stools to sit on? The less clutter around the Mandap the better, as it will help create a calmer vibe. When it comes to your guests’ chairs – think simplicity. There are so many ways to add an element of light to your chosen design. You can opt for additional candles or decorative lanterns  to create a romantic ambience. The lanterns give a rustic feel while  chandeliers  will really give your event a sophisticated edge.

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