What do Indian Couples do on their First Wedding Night?

I know this has raised your excitement to read the article. Without losing any time and waiting my words, let’s check the things that happen on the first night of an Indian couple.

What do Indian couples
They take a deep sleep:
By this I actually mean deep sleep, without even being in a conscious mind, and knowing who is next to you. As the Indian weddings are so tiresome and full of traditions that it will just leave you both sleepy. The wedding dress, jewellery and aashirwad are so ouch!

Sexy talks: So, if your family didn’t get you both that tired, you both get some time to do some blushing naughty chats.

Packaging for honeymoon: Even on their very first night, they may end up doing bag packing. This often ends up in a mess and you always forget to do the things that you always dreamt of! No movie-type romance!

Rush to take a bath: They may either be in their own house or a 5-star hotel for the first wedding night. They will always take a nice long bath to feel relaxed after the tiring wedding customs.

Ufff! The saali pranks: You definitely can’t just skip this before entering your first wedding room or there maybe something even after you have entered it. The pranks by the saalis or their friends irritate the tired couple played. This tends to ruin the most of time of the couple.

See some gifts: Some brides can be really anxious to know what’s there in the gift wrap. Poor groom!

Discuss the wedding: Some couples tend to spend their first night by discussing about not so important topics of the wedding like pathetic relatives, food and gifts.

Removal of make-up, dress: Some brides are so heavily dressed for their wedding…bichara groom! He spends his whole night to just take off all the hairpins and the tucked pins from the sari.

Wedding games by the family: The Indian wedding never gets over so quickly. They will never leave you both alone, even on the first wedding night. Some couples end up spending the entire night by playing family games such as ‘’finding the ring”.

Just left with thoughts of perfect night: Did nothing on your first wedding night? Hope you guys can do something out other day…If you don’t have to go for mandir visits. LOL!

You came here to see some dirty stuff but this is reality! Hardly 10 per cent people do that thing on the first night. Remaining things we have shared that everyone does. What will you be doing on your wedding night?


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