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Wedding Asia is the continents  premium wedding exhibition made for every bride to be and bridesmaid .  It brings to us  each year the finest wedding indulgence. Redefining the big fat Indian wedding, this flamboyant mega event called Wedding Asia was held earlier this month  on Friday, 15th July – 17th July 2016 at The Ashok, New Delhi.

The extravagant three day exhibition showcased some of the emerging bridal couture designers, jewelers, wedding planners, trousseau packers, specialized photographers, customized shoe designers, make-up artists and invitation designers under one roof.


Picture Credit- Siimran K Juneja

Speaking about the event Mrs. Anupreet Sethi, Founder of Wedding Asia said, “Wedding Asia is an platform where exceptional wedding planning meets style beyond comparison.  You will always find simply irresistible collections which are influenced by designers but thoroughly inspired by brides. Wedding Asia is known for, it’s well planned journey as a platform filled with sophisticated style and special touches. Discover an event that is distinctly for you with options that are limitless”

This event helps the bride and grooms family to plan their celebrations right from the wedding destination to the dress and gifts. Apart from the brides dress and jewelry, there is a lot of concentration on the wedding destination, card decoration and packaging. Venue selection found itself swamped with themes of destination wedding. Some of the exotic destination planners had cruise wedding in their menus where you could tie the knot on a luxury liner at the high seas.


Picture Credit- Siimran K Juneja

The coming of fresh flowers in wedding decorations was another highlight of the event. The reason is that it gives a fresh and natural look to the wedding. Coming on to the colors, there was a lot of display of  metallic, pastels and solid colors like blue, green, etc for which there was a great demand. Also, there was wedding planners to choose from, people who design, plan and execute the event coordinating the entire program from the wedding venue to the decor, the stage shows, the ceremonies and the couture.

There are various new trends that are coming up. The thinking of designers has changed. Earlier, there were times when brides were expected to wear heavy clothes and jewelry. A heavy traditional and elaborate dress with heavy Indian jewelry was the in thing for a bride. That was a bride’s trade mark!

But now in the era of  contemporary and westernized elegance, the outlook of a bride is no longer traditional and ornate but has become much more practical. There is a lot of concentration on the comfort of brides. Light jewelry and easy comfortable gowns contemporary dresses are in trend. They are easy to carry and can be worn even after the wedding on other occasions as well. The coming of English style gowns is leading to the trend of gown in Sarees along with Lehengas. English gowns are A-line voluminous fairy tale gowns which are worn by English women since ancient times. But keeping in mind the Indian ethnicity these gowns have been blending with Indian designs known are Fusion dresses, fusion Sarees, which will be a lot in trend this year.

Coming on to the jewelry, there is a lot of concentration on accessories and light jewelry which gives an chic fashionable look and is light to carry. Hand jewelry like hand amour is becoming  trendy. It gives an elaborate look and is easy to carry as well. Also, their is this trend for cocktail rings. These rings are huge and elaborate and only to be worn on certain occasions. Also, they are light and easy to carry. “One huge ring and you are all set for your cocktail evening” says one designer.

As far as dresses for the groom is concerned their is a lot of emphasis on light embroidery coats. They are in earthly and pastel colors like brown, mustard, yellow, beige, etc. Also, the use of Swarovski crystals in men coats are in vogue which is giving a royal and elegant look to the attire. There is also a  very cheesy trend of wearing contrast colors by the bride and groom. The couple get to chose their colors in advance and work on different themes  This is somewhat different yet cute!

Wedding is a special day in very bride and grooms life. A well planned and trendy wedding makes every wedding successful. But now the trends are changing. Now it is the elegant and the practical wedding that has become a stable fare in  the Big Fat Indian Wedding!

Cover Picture Credit- Siimran K Juneja

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