Weekly Horoscope from 11 December – 17 December



Rams will have a lot of focus on their finance sector. Mars, your ruler is moving through the sector of finance, emotions, and partnerships. For the next few days, you will have to be very careful with your expenses. You may have to make some necessary adjustments to be financially stable. Your emotional self will be very powerful. Please try to heal your emotional issues with the practical and realistic approach. You are looking for long travels and it can be pilgrimages too. Opportunities for writing and publishing sector also can come up. This is a good time to reappear in the exams or career development programs. An opportunity to interact with an international community is also seen. Mercury, the planet of communication and technology is in a slow mode, so there can be some issues with your travel plans. Please be careful with your electronic devices.


Your personal and professional relationship sector is highly activated. Mars, the planet of free spirit and courage has entered this sector and it is asking you to be very realistic and practical while dealing with your relationships. You can have some concerns regarding the status or, it can be about continuity of some relationships. You may have a deep desire to take control of the relationships. Please try to understand your partner’s perspective as well. You may try to get new agreements and collaborations as well. Your financial sector is also highlighted. You are looking for an additional income. There can be some fluctuations in the finances, you have to manage well, and otherwise, there will be a long-term impact. You are going through an emotional phase; please don’t jump to any conclusions.


Mars, the warrior of the zodiac is influencing the sector for physical, financial and work sector. This is a good time to display your energy to be a perfectionist.  The zeal for perfectionism should not bring any issue with your colleagues and others. You will have more work and you will have to give a lot effort to finish your projects within the timeline. Your physical health can also have some challenges. Your relationships with personal and professional sector can have some challenges, which can be corrected only by being patient and practical. If you want new opportunities to come from the personal and professional sector, then you will have to wait patiently.


Cancerians will be very active with children and youth groups. You will have many opportunities to take part in social events. Team discussions and creative projects also will come up. You are trying to promote yourself and searching for opportunities to start own ventures.  You like to be very warm and flirtatious too. Opportunities from various sectors like writing, creativity, and electronics are also seen. Please be careful with your colleagues as they can have a different idea about your work. This is a good time to think about your health and beauty also. You may try to settle your financial liabilities as well.


Your personal and family sector will get a lot of boost from Mars.  Possibilities for real estate deals are seen. You will be spending a lot of for various matters like furnishing, decoration or for relocation. You will have to be patient with your family, otherwise, there can be unpleasant situations. You will be meeting with your relatives to discuss serious matters. When you move through this week, you will get many opportunities to work with your creative skills. You have to be extra cautious with your own projects because there can be some extra work on your existing projects. Please don’t take any final decisions regarding your romantic relationship. You have to rethink your self-promotion strategies. They should not go wrong.


You will be very busy, and you will have a lot of hard work, especially with your hands. Activities for neighbours and siblings are also seen.  Short travels and short training programs also will make you scattered. Please take care of electronic devices and data. Projects from communication and electronics related domain are also seen. Your personal life is also transforming. Real estate deals may come up, but please don’t blindly trust the deals. You may travel from home. Your parents and other relatives will have a different opinion and you must be patient. Since Mercury, the planet of logical analysis is in a slow down mode, so, you may have some issues with your analytical capacity.


You are working hard to manage your finances as Mars has entered the sector for finances and your values. Please practice cost-cutting and avoid partying. Instead, try to look for a new job or a part-time project to stabilize your finances. This is a good time to find an additional income method. Try to learn a new skill which can increase your market value. You are actually very sensitive now, so, if you are not controlling it, then you can have issues with others. You may try to get some projects from communication and technology related domains. You will be busy with your work and travel. Career-related training also can come up. Please try to be flexible with your relatives.


Mars, the warrior of the zodiac is influencing your personal life. You are very active, and your emotions are visible to all. Please try to use this time to improve your professional life. Learn something new or try to improve the existing relationship. You may find it difficult to focus on something. Your financial sector is also facing some challenges. Please try to improve your value by doing some skills. Please don’t fall prey for any quick money-making deals. This is not a good time for serious investments without any expert advice. Try to improve your career skills. This is a good time to apply for a job, which you didn’t get earlier. Try to mind your own business at work and at home.


Mars, the warrior of the zodiac has moved into the sector for struggles. So, you have to guard your emotions for few days. Your duty is to do some research for your future. Try to be silent and spend quality time with your trusted people. Share your life and get inputs from learned people. Do some charity or go for a spiritual retreat.  This is a good time to do a retrospect. Please don’t mingle too much with those from whom you get negative vibes. Your old friends can come to you for a short visit. They will have different needs. This is a good time to study a new subject. Minor physical issues also can come up.


Mars is energising the sector for group projects, friendships, and profits. You may have some issues with your friends or group settings. New long-term projects can come up. There will be changes in the existing long-term relations. You may join new groups. At the same time, there can be some emotional challenges. Please try to pacify yourself and ignore those, who give you negative energy. This is a good time to work on yourself and improve your faith and wisdom. There can be minor physical issues on the part of this transit. Spiritual deeds are also seen. Doing charity and reading spiritual texts will surely empower you. You may plan for long distance travels.


Your work sector is totally active. Mars, the planet of valor and vigor is pushing you to be very active with your work. You will have to spend a lot of energy to finish the projects within the timeline. Plans for a new job are also seen. Your bosses will share their information with you. You will be interested in listening to your old friends. They may come for a short visit. Some issues related to long-term relationships or long-term projects can also come up. Please be sure about the information you are sharing within your work sector. This is not a good time to take final decisions regarding work or long-term relationships. Please wait for some time as you may go through new experiences.


Mars is pushing you to be very adventurous as it is moving through the sector for adventure and higher optimism. This is a good time to study something. Opportunities for writing and publishing can also come up. You may try to travel long distances. Please make some good plans. Otherwise, there can be some issues with your travel arrangements. Foreign culture and community may entice you. You will have to be careful with your work sector. The projects with your creative and communication skills may need more toning. Avoid every situation to confront with your colleagues and bosses. You are in a complex situation, so please try to be listening more than airing your views.



Jayashree Cyrus

JayaShree’s quest for astrology research started during her school days. In the year 2015 she took certification in astrology from Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidyabhavan, NewDelhi. She dedicates the credit of her astrological proficiency to God and her gurus Shri K N Rao , founder of Institute of Astrology and Shri. Deepak Bisaria , Principal of Institute of Astrology. She has 17 years of exposure in Christian theological teachings from Christian theologians, Biblical classes and counselling sessions. Email id: [email protected]

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