Weekly Horoscope from 14th January – 20th January 2018


You will have a lot of focus in your long-term relationships, friendships, collective projects and your gains. The Sun and Venus will start moving through this zone and you will try to bring changes in the existing long-term projects. There is a positive and negative aspect for this transit. The ultimate change will be in your collective projects and friendships. New friends can come in. You should try to get a new long-term project. You may be able to put at least some foundation for a new long-term relation. These changes can be seen in personal and professional life too. At work, you may start a new project. There can be additions in the existing projects.



From this week onwards, your focus will be shifting towards career, social status and bosses. The Sun and Venus will be moving through this zone and you will be looking more at your work sector and social life. You may have to bring some balance between personal and professional life too. New projects and additions to the existing projects can come up. Your bosses can be demanding. Creative projects can also come up. Long distance travels and interaction with an international community is seen. You may learn a new language or a new skill. Opportunities from writing and publishing also can come up. You may try to learn mystical sciences.


You will think about long distance travels and pilgrimages in the coming days.  The Sun and Venus will move into the sector of long distance travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy during this week. This is a time for studies and skill development sessions. People from different cultures will come to you. Authors and publishers also will have busy days. Spiritual matters will attract you. Financial issues can also cause some concerns. New expenses can come up. You will try to make some adjustments in your finances. Concerns regarding emotional relationships will be there, but they will vanish in the coming days.  You will try to settle your financial disputes.


 From this week on wards, you will be more focused on emotional relationships, partnerships, and finances. The Sun and Venus will be moving through this sector and you will see the real status of your partnerships. You will try to solve issues related with joint assets and investments. Please try to be flexible with your partners. Discussions with partners are also seen.  Opportunities for new job and career related discussions will come up. There will be a powerful new moon during this week. This new moon will bring awareness regarding where you stand in your partnerships. New beginnings in the existing partnerships are seen.


 The Sun and Venus will start triggering your partnership sector from this week onwards. You will realize what your partner needs from you.  This is a good time to improve the existing partnerships. Please try to express clearly and in a positive note. New projects in the career sector also can come up. There will be new team discussions with your colleagues, during this week. The New moon will activate your work sector. Your health can also have some concerns. Work and partners need a lot of time and energy.


From this week on wards, the sector for work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets will be highly active. The Sun and Venus will trigger these matters. You will have new projects or a new role. Please be careful with your colleagues as you both may have different interests. Health issues can be the part of this transit. Please try to have a healthy diet. The new moon will energize you to be very creative. Projects with your creative talents are seen. Entertainment programs and activities with children are also possible. Singles will try to find someone with similar perspectives. Those who are already in the relationship will try to take the relationship into a next level.


The sector for romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative businesses will be very active for the next few days. You will try to enjoy a lot. Opportunities to use your creative skills will also come up. Singles will try to get a new partner and those who are already in the relationship will try to improve the relationships.  Those who want to start own ventures will get an opportunity to exhibit their skills. Your family and personal life will have new beginnings. Family meetings and serious discussions are seen. Please try to be patient with your relatives. Discussions related with ancestral property is also seen.


The Sun and Venus will move through the sector for home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property from this week onwards. For the next few days, you will see lot of focus on your family matters and private life.  Your family may have concerns regarding your personal life. Family meetings and discussions related to problem solving is seen. Talks regarding real estate deals, relocation and furnishing will also come up. A powerful new moon will rise above the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing.    You will have a lot of work to do, and there will be a lot of communication with your siblings. Short travels and studies will come up. Communication related jobs are also seen.


The Sun and Venus will move into the sector for multitasking. You will have a lot of work with your communication skills. Siblings and other relatives will be very active with you. Travelling opportunities are also there. Studies and training sessions also may come up. Intellectual projects will gain your attention. A powerful new moon will trigger the sector for money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets. Please try to practice cost cutting. Your financial stability will need a lot of improvement. Please try to find a part time job. You may try to improve your skills as well.



The Sun and Venus duo will start triggering the zone for money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets. For the next few days you will have to be very careful with your finances. Your speech can be harsh and it should not bring any factions in the family. Career sector also will need improvement. Please try to do a skill enhancement program. A powerful new moon will trigger your health, vitality and personal life. You may get new beginnings. There will be a lot of work and it can make you scattered. You should plan well for your personal and professional life. Your partners will have  different perspective.


The Sun and Venus will move into the sector for your personal life, self, perspective, ambitions, physical body, and personality. This can be a slightly complex time for your personal life. You may get minor health issues and it happens during your birth month. Please try to learn new things and plan for your future. You will try to be a new person. Your legal relationships will play a big role in your life. The new moon will trigger your emotions. You may try to learn more about spiritual matters. Plans for long distance travels are also seen.  You may feel to be lonely and this is a good time for a retrospect.



The Sun and Venus will start triggering the zone for emotional struggles. In the coming days, you will do a lot of retrospect. Please try to plan well for your future. Long distance travels and opportunities to learn mystical sciences also can come up. Your partnership sector is highly active. There are   some kinds of issues in the existing partnerships. You want to join new organizations and please keep your search on. Visible changes in the existing partnerships also can come up. At work, you are packed with a lot of commitments. Your bosses may give you new projects.





Jayashree Cyrus

JayaShree’s quest for astrology research started during her school days. In the year 2015 she took certification in astrology from Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidyabhavan, NewDelhi. She dedicates the credit of her astrological proficiency to God and her gurus Shri K N Rao , founder of Institute of Astrology and Shri. Deepak Bisaria , Principal of Institute of Astrology. She has 17 years of exposure in Christian theological teachings from Christian theologians, Biblical classes and counselling sessions. Email id: [email protected]

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