Weekly Horoscope from 18th February – 25th February 2018

By Jayashree Cyrus

February 19, 2018


You will be very sensitive in the coming days as the sector for emotional challenges is highly activated. This activation may bring concerns regarding your happiness, health, and vitality. Not to worry, every year during this time you will go through this phenomenon. What you have to do is stay away from all negative energy. Practice cost-cutting and learn spiritual matters. Try to learn from the life of others. This will be a good time for a retrospect. You may have to be very watchful regarding your work sector. Please don’t instigate your colleagues. This is a time to hibernate.


Your focus has been shifted to the long-term relations and collective projects. The professional sector is primarily activated and you are looking for new collective projects. Please try to be cordial with your teammates. You will be identifying the loopholes in the projects. Creative projects will need a lot of effort. You have to work towards bringing more profit. This phase can’t be seen as a great phase for having money, but you will get a lot of opportunities to work towards getting more money. Your romantic relationship also is important. This will be a hectic week for you and you have to maintain your health. Please try to be realistic.


You will have to keep a balance between your work and personal life. Both the sectors are in huge activation. You may have to spend more time with family and this may affect your work and vice versa. New projects can come up at work. You may have to closely work with your bosses. Get ready to take inputs from them. You may have to spend a lot of time at home as well. Real estate deals clutter clearing and discussions with family members are seen. You will have a huge focus on your personal health and happiness as well. Please try to manage both the sectors.


There will be more clarity during this week regarding the matters of training, long trips, and higher studies. You will make plans for foreign or long trips. They can be for pilgrimages as well. An interest in spiritual and mystical science will make you a truth seeker. This is a good time to improve your writing skills. Career-related training also can come up. You will have short trips as well. This busy life can give you minor discomforts like shoulder or neck related issues. Health may cause some concerns. You may have to spend a lot as well. Please take care of your communication, especially with your siblings.


You are concerned regarding partnerships and finances. Please be patient with your partners. They may have different ideas regarding partnerships. You will have a lot of one to one discussions regarding the partnerships. There will be visible changes in the partnerships too. Joint ventures can also come up. This phase can give your emotional struggles, which may put you under some stress. Make sure, you don’t take any unhealthy measures to deal with it. Please don’t suppress your emotions, instead, deal with it by the help of your elders. There will be a focus on your career as well.


Family and partnership sector is highly activated these days. From this week onwards, the Sun will start triggering your partnership sector and you will have to be very careful with them. Career sector is also active. New agreements and contracts also can come up. At home, you may have to do some maintenance. Repairing work is also seen. Family meetings, functions at home and relocation also can come up. You will try to start new things in your personal and professional life. You may buy new clothes; new devices or you will try to improve your beauty as well.


The sector for health and colleagues is highly active. The Sun will move into this sector making your health very important. You will take up new medication or a diet. Relationship with colleagues also will be important. There will be a lot of short work with your communication skills. They can be writing, editing, training or technology related. The creative sector is also active. Those who work in arts and entertainment industry will have new opportunities. Please be careful with your colleagues. They may be very demanding. You may even try to get a new project.


The sector for creativity, self-promotion, and romance is actually in a huge activation. During this week when the Sun comes into this sector, you will see how to manage your team ventures. Your team mates will have some concerns. Those who have own ventures should be very careful with their work. You will have creative projects. Those who are in a relationship will have to improve their relationships. This is a kind of testing time for them. Please don’t be in a hurry to take a final decision. Networking opportunities will come up. You may attend social functions too.


There will be a huge activation on the sector for family, parents, and home. The Sun will move into this house and you will have to be very careful with your family matters. Repairing and maintenance can come up. Family functions, relocation or traveling from also is seen. You will try to decorate your house. Please be gentle with your parents. Chances for real estate deals also can come in. Your career sector also will get influenced by this Sun. You may have to work from home for some or other reasons. Your bosses also will be active with you.


The Sun will move into the sector for multi-tasking, communication, and siblings. You will have to be very active as you have a lot to do in the official capacity. You may travel from one place to the other. There can be some hurdles in these travels. A lot of work with your communication skills will come up. Siblings and siblings like people will be very active with you. Media related activity also will come up. You may use a lot of technology and electronic devices. This is a very hectic week. Financial issues and health also will need a lot of attention.


You will have to be very careful with your finances and team ventures. Both the sectors are in activation. Due to this activation, financial sector may suffer, if you are not wise with it. Please avoid spending. Practice cost cutting. This is a good time to find part-time projects. You will have to have a different perspective regarding your team settings. Your team members will have a different view. New long-term projects can come but, you need work hard for it. Family members and colleagues may try to correct you and please try to find the good things in them. Your career sector is also active.


The Sun will move into the sector for personal life and ambitions. This move will activate the sector for your health as well. You will try to transform yourself into a better person physically and spiritually. New people may come to you. You will get new ideas to improve your personal life. There can be minor physical issues too. This is an important time for personal and professional relationships too. You may get new agreements and contracts. Your career sector is also active. You will get new projects or new responsibilities as well.