Weekly Horoscope from 26th Feb – 4th March 2018

By Jayashree Cyrus

February 26, 2018


There will be a lot of focus on your work and health. You may have issues related to the abdomen. It can be digestive issues as well. You have to finish some urgent projects at work. Additions to the existing projects can come in. This is a good time to stay away from all controversies. Please be careful with your colleagues. There can be arguments and discussions with them. You will have to practice cost cutting too. You are thinking about new projects, but please do a good home work. You may listen from your maternal relatives too.


The creative sector will be highly active during this week. You may finish some urgent projects with your creative skills. Your romantic relationship may need a lot of attention. You will be highly emotional during this week. A powerful full moon will drag your focus into love related matters. Social functions and entertainment events are also seen. Those who work with own ventures will find this time as very crucial. You may take up new hobbies. You may take up new hobbies as well. New team members can also come up in your life.


Your family sector will be very much highlighted. New events can come up in the family. You may have various real estate deals and family functions. Repairing and maintenance also can come up. Your parents and relatives will share important information with you. At the same time, you will have a lot of focus at work. New responsibilities can come up. Your importance can increase for various reasons. You may get additional responsibilities. You may spend some money on improving your lifestyle.


Your focus is on multi-tasking. A powerful full moon will trigger the sector for this sector during this week. You will have a lot of communications with your dear and near ones. Especially with your siblings, you will share important information. They will be active with you. A lot of short work will be there. Short travels and short communications may scatter you, so please take enough rest. Otherwise you may get minor health issues. Opportunities from writing and communication sector can also come up. You will be closely interacting with media as well.


Money matters will be the primary focus of this week. You will have to stop spending too much and start saving. You are searching for new projects and you will be trying to get part-time projects so that you can improve your financial status.  You may get or give loans. Partnership-related discussions can also come up. Please be patient with your partners. New responsibilities from work sector also can come up. Please take care of your speech, as there are chances of a lot of arguments during this time. Use this time to enhance your skills. This is actually a kind of complex time for all the aspects of your life so move carefully.


You will have a lot of focus on your personal and professional life during this week.  A powerful full moon will surely make you emotional and you may have to force yourself to be practical. You may have to improve your health and vitality. New people may come to you. You will try to see everything in an emotional manner, so you may get issues from such approaches. Try to be realistic always, so that you can move forward. This is also a crucial time for your career, so you have to be very careful with your responsibilities. Your bosses can be very much accountable. You will have one to one discussions. This is a time to think about new agreements and contracts as well.


You are going through an emotional phase in your life.  The full moon will drag your focus into your past. You may meet new people from your past. Minor physical issues can come up as the part of this transit. You may have concerned regarding your financial stability. At work, you are going through a hectic module. Creative projects can come up. Projects from communication and analytical domain also will be there. Team discussions and interaction with the bosses will be a regular feature. Please be cordial with your colleagues too.


Team activities and concerns related to long-term relationships will be the primary matter during this week. You will have new team ventures.  Visible changes in the existing teamwork will surely come up.  You must make some good plans for your future. There will be completions in the existing long-term projects. You must move carefully in your romantic relationship. Your partners may have a different perspective. Creative projects can come up. You may take up new hobbies as well. You may work for the welfare of children or youth groups.


Your work sector and social sector will be highly activated during this time. The full moon is bringing a great influence on your work sector. You may have to complete some urgent work. Those who work in customer care and nutrition will be very active. Your bosses may give you additional work. You may get much noticed in the public sector.  At the same time, the focus is also on the family sector. Family meetings can come up. Real estate deals, furnishing, and repairing will also be the part of this week. You may have to keep a balance between work and family.


You will be busy with projects related to media, publishing, and training during this week. You may have a lot to write and edit too. Travelling and communication sector is also alive. You may work on projects which require foreign collaboration. This is a good time for studies as well. You must take care of your health as you are following a busy schedule.  Minor physical issues come in the form of tiredness, body pain or a migraine. This will be the part of the transit, but you will be fine once when this transit moves out from this sector. You will have a lot of work with your communication skills as well. A close interaction with electronic devices is also seen.


Financial and family sector is highly triggered. This is the time for expenses but tries to control them. It will be ideal if you practice cost cutting. You have many issues to solve regarding your partnerships. These partnerships can cause concerns. There will be a lot of one to one discussions regarding your partnerships. You may think about a financial aid. This is a time to settle your financial disputes. Opportunities for joint venture can come up. There will be completions in the partnerships.



This week’s moon will be majorly triggering your personal and professional life. The focus will be on yourself and your relations. Your partnership sector is active and you should be careful with them. One to one discussions can come up. You will get an interest in spiritual matters.  You may have new beginnings in your life. There will be completions in the relationships. New people may come to you. At work also you may have to complete important projects. These projects may need a lot of detail.