Weekly Horoscope from 31st December – 6th January

By Jayashree Cyrus

December 29, 2017



Family or work? That will be the main question Aries people have in their mind. During the New Year, the full moon will rise above the sector of family and the Sun and Venus will illuminate the career sector. You can’t run away from anything. Real estate deals, family meetings, relocation and discussions related to the ancestral property will take your energy. Moon means emotions and psychology in astrological studies. So, you will have to be realistic in making any decisions during this time. Being realistic and practical is the best symbol of growth and maturity. This activation in the family and personal life sector will give you many opportunities to handle your personal life with great care. At work also you are busy. New projects may come in. Please follow your bosses and don’t be a rebel. Obedience is better than sacrifice.


During the first week of this New Year, you will be multi-tasking like an expert. Your life will be illuminated by a shiny full moon and it is moving through the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. The Full moon means completions and perfections. Communication and electronics related projects will come up. Few projects will reach a completion. Intellectual projects will be another major area of this week. Siblings and neighbours may need more care from you and you should be very much giving. Learning and teaching also are possible and such possibilities are alive throughout this month. Please make use of this opportunity to improve your worth. There will be an interest in literary works.


Geminis will be in a hurry mode to save their finances and to be rich. The full moon will trigger the matters like money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets. Naturally, you will zealous to spend more, or such situations can come in your way. So, this is a call from the universe to you to be more frugal. There is nothing wrong with practicing austerity measures. A new assignment is in wait, but the fructification will be based on your sincere efforts. You may have to upgrade your skills. You should analyze what you can do for a value addition purpose. Your career sector can be very demanding, so get ready for busy days. Bosses and colleagues and finances will dominate your life for the next few days.


Cancerians will be the most emotional guys during this New Year day. Your ruler Moon is in a full mode and it will shine over the sector for self, perspective, ambitions, physical body, and personality. The full moon means completions. It was in a waxing mode for the last 2 weeks and now it’s fully grown. Your personal life and relationships will be very much highlighted. This is a very good time for improving your health and vitality. At the same time, you may become very emotional regarding your relationships too. Please don’t force any one to accept you or demand any one to be with you. All relationships, despite professional or personal, do have a fixed duration which is set by the universe. No human can overtake the limits set by the universal energies. Try to be flexible, be a law-abiding citizen and do your best at your work. Do justice to your responsibilities. When you do the right Karma, then your life will naturally get a lot of positive energy.


Leo is a fiery sign and Sun ruled Leos may feel that these New Year days are hard because the sector for liabilities is totally activated in your chart. On the New Year day, the full moon will rise in the sector for hidden fears, emotions, psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels and spirituality. The zeal for isolation and detachment may consume you. This is a slightly complex phase because your psyche is totally activated. More than progressive moves, you may try to do a retrospect. Please don’t blame yourself, because there is nothing wrong in a temporary hibernation. Health and work sector also will be a huge focus. This is not a great time to hold on to your own feelings. Try to be in a sleep mode for some time. Use this time to understand yourself better and you will be soon in a better mode.


During the New Year week, practical and analytical Virgos will be busy in revising their friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains. This is actually a volatile time for your friendships and long-term projects. During the 1st day of the New Year, the full moon will show you the status of your long-term relationships. Your friends and team members can be very demanding. Please stop analyzing everything in a critical manner. If you are being critical, then others also have the right to be critical and analytical with you. Creative ideas will be a great portion of this week. Those who are and not in romantic relation will try to view romance in a different perspective. Activities with children and youth groups will be lively.


Peace loving Librans will have to be in a hurry mode as their work sector will be highlighted by a powerful full moon. During this New Year day, you will be running around to keep a balance between work and home. Please don’t mess with your bosses, try to obey them without any fail. Work hard, go an extra mile in completing some projects during this New Year day. New projects can also come up. Your family and personal life are also in focus. This sector is highlighted by the Sun and Venus and you will have to do small repairing works at home. Family reunions, discussions regarding ancestral property also will be a part of this entire month. Please try to speak with love, because whenever Sun influences the family sector you may behave harshly with your family members.


You are actually very sensitive people and Scorpio in astrology means deep waters. Your emotional nature will trigger highly during this New Year day. Spirituality and philosophy will be the two main factors which are going to influence you during the first week of January. The full moon will make you move towards a spiritual path. People from a different culture will inspire you. Long distance travel also can be seen. This is a good time to learn a new skill. The writer in you will come out. Travelling will be an important matter during this entire month. Meeting up with relatives and more involvement with siblings are also seen. Get ready for non-stop communication, which also will be a great part of this New Year week. Not only communication, but you will be busy on different projects with your communication skills.


This New Year is going to make you very responsible regarding your finances. Sagittarians will be busy with managing your finances. During this New Year day, you will be immersed in finding a best financial plan for your future. On the very first day of the full moon, your financial sector will get a lot of focus. Your expenses can be in a higher mode, so it will be good if you practice cost cutting. Try to have a good plan for your joint ventures. Your investments, like taxes and insurances, will be highlighted. Giving or getting loans are also a part of this transit. Your focus will be towards the partnership sector also. Partners may take a lot of time to understand the real scenario. Emotional Sagittarians will need little support. Please don’t hesitate to be truthful regarding your feelings.


Capricorns are very forceful these days because their personal life is going through a huge transformation. Transformations are not always a peaceful phenomenon. You have to lose in order to gain something, but ultimately you should be winning. During the New Year day, you will be focusing a lot on your relationships. These relationships will be legal relationships and you should not be quick in decision making. Take time to understand your partners. Let them be the partner from personal or professional life. Please understand their needs. If their demands are not offensive, then try to adjust with them. If you feel the relationship is not at all adding value to your life, then you may take some decision, but after discussing with learned people.


Aquas may feel a little low for the time being, but you should understand that you are going through what is destined for you. During the New Year day, the full moon will illuminate the sector for struggles. Concerning areas can be health, wealth and work sector. Your physical struggles can make you worried, but they can be controlled by rest and medication. Don’t try self- medication. Work and colleagues are also very important, and you have to be more zealous to understand your colleagues and their expectation about you. Even if you are moving slow, that is ok, please don’t force yourself to be productive. Please use this time to empower yourself spiritually and physically. This is a kind of hibernation phase for you and we should understand the signals from the universe. If they are asking you to be in a cocoon, then follow that divine signals wholeheartedly.


Happy New year to all Pisceans. This New Year is very special because, on the first day itself, you will see a bright full moon. This force will shine over the sector for romance, entertainment, fun, creative energies and team ventures. Opportunities for entertainment and fun will come up. Team projects for official and entertainment reasons are seen. Creative projects will come up and you want to give the best. You should use this opportunity to find your true love or to identify what you want from a romantic relationship. At work, you are very busy and gaining a lot of attention for so many reasons. You have new beginnings on the social front, but please don’t get over excited. That may bring unwanted situations at work, which can ruin your peace and happiness. This is a good time to work hard for your success. If you sow now, you will be reaping a lot later.