Weekly Horoscope By Jayashree Cyrus


This is a time for studies and exams. Travelling and meeting with small groups are also seen. There will be a lot of communications. Projects from the communication sector can also come up.  It can be some work in the media, writing, and editing too. You will have serious conversations with your siblings or neighbours. There are chances for arguments as well.  Minor physical issues can be a part of this phase.  Financial matters are also prominent during this phase. Lending and borrowing can come up.


This will be a good time for finding a part-time project. Your career sector is also active. Your bosses will be very active with you. Please try to improve your skills during this time. Your focus is to improve your self-worth and finances. This is a good time to look for new money-making ventures. You are trying to control your expenditures too. This is a good time to arrange your finances.  It can be about your financial planning or you may get a new project.    There may be some arguments with your dear and near ones.


This is a crucial time for you and your relationships.  New beginnings in personal and professional life are seen. You will try to change or improve your looks and health.   There will be many opportunities to improve your lifestyle. This is the phase for heightened ego and pride. You will try to improve both. Please make sure that you are not hurting those around you. This is a good time for alternative health and healing as well. Long travels can also come up.      Working behind the scenes are also seen.


You will get many opportunities to enter new groups. You can even expect long-term associations also. Group activities are also seen. These group discussions should be productive. You may plan well for your future projects. This is a very good opportunity and you should use this very wisely.  Venus will make you be diplomatic in improving the relationships. Working behind scenes are also seen. Minor physical issues can also come up.  This is an emotionally volatile time as well.


This is a crucial time for your long-term projects. You may work in projects with scientific and technical communications.  Working with children and youth groups are also seen.  There are many opportunities for joining a new team. Team discussions are research is also seen. Social gatherings and networking events can come up. Minor health issues can come up. Stay away from complex people, otherwise, you may be getting into unnecessary arguments.  New job opportunities can come up.  Creative projects are also a big part of this phase.


You may get new opportunities at work. There will be projects from communication, media, and technology-related sector.  Career-related training can also come up.  Support from the bosses and colleagues are seen.  This can be also a time for appraisals. Projects related to creativity are seen. There can be a new business or job opportunity. Your bosses may give you new inputs. Add on projects are also seen.   It can even be a new job as well. Projects with foreign collaborations and travels are a part of this week.


  This is a time to go for long travel. Meeting new people and foreign collaboration is also seen. Interest in spiritual matters will come up.  You may start studying a new subject. Some of you may even start teaching. This is a good time for a spiritual debate or a spiritual journey. You may even like to write something.  Opportunity for career-related discussions also can come in. Lending and borrowing can also come up.  You will have working so hard as the projects are highly competitive. Work-related stress also can come up.


 This is a time to spend less, as the finance sector is highly volatile. Try to practice cost cutting. You may have serious discussions with your partners as well. This is a good time to settle financial disputes. There can be intense emotions ruling your heart. You may have some emotional confrontations with your partners as well. Joint assets related discussions and shared projects also can come up. Long trips and foreign travels may come up. Projects with foreign collaborations are also seen.  You may get some opportunities to form new partnerships as well.


 You may get some new beginnings on the work front. Changes in the existing personal relationship can also come up. New agreements or contracts are seen. This time frame can give a new step towards a new beginning too. This house shows opponents as well, so, you have to make careful moves.  There will be a lot of one to one discussion. There are chances for creative projects. Minor health issues can also come up. There will be some financial issues as well. Lending and borrowing can also come up.


The workplace is very important now. You may get a new project. Some of you may even think about a new job. This should be a good time for those who work in communication and electronics related industry. You may expect some renewal at your workplace. You should not forget that even in transit, the events will occur only per the strength of planets in your natal chart.  Creative projects can also come up. You will be looking for a romantic relationship. This is a time to meet likeminded people as well.  Social gatherings and entertainment programs are also seen.


You will get enough time to spend with children or youth groups. This is a good time to adopt a new hobby. You will go out for entertainment programs as well. Some plans related to self-promotion can also come up. You are thinking about a new venture too. Networking opportunities can come up. You may try to think about romance from a new perspective. You will try to go for speculative events and businesses. Try to go with expert advice. The workplace can become very competitive. New projects can come up. You have to be careful with your colleagues.


 There will be a lot of focus on your family matters.  If you are planning on any real estate deals, then you must plan wisely.   There can be a renovation or relocation. You will get chances to reconnect with your family members. There can be family functions. You may have serious discussions with your parents and relatives. This is a good time to keep unity at home and with relatives.  Short travels and communication-based projects can be a part of this week. You will try to improve own ventures. Networking events and social gatherings are also possible.


Jayashree Cyrus

JayaShree’s quest for astrology research started during her school days. In the year 2015 she took certification in astrology from Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidyabhavan, NewDelhi. She dedicates the credit of her astrological proficiency to God and her gurus Shri K N Rao , founder of Institute of Astrology and Shri. Deepak Bisaria , Principal of Institute of Astrology. She has 17 years of exposure in Christian theological teachings from Christian theologians, Biblical classes and counselling sessions. Email id: [email protected]

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