Weekly Horoscope from 11 June 2018 – 18 June 2018

Your family sector is highly activated with a powerful Venus. Real estate deals, plans for relocation are also seen. There will be more communication with family members. There can be minor health issues as the part of this transit as well. Due to the influence of the Sun and Mercury, you will have short projects and there will be a lot of multi-tasking. That can also be a cause of concern. You have to make a good plan otherwise you may miss some important work. Communication with siblings and siblings like people are also seen. You may even interact more with technology and electronics. Short travels and opportunities for more communication are also seen.

You are having a busy schedule as Venus is transiting the sector for multi-tasking. Venus is a soft planet and it brings beauty wherever it touches. You will have some peacemaking conversations with your dear and near ones. Especially with your siblings or siblings like people. You will have to travel short distances. There will be some projects with communication skills as well. This is a good time to learn some new technologies as well. At the same time, you will be trying your level best to manage your finances. You are looking for few part time projects as well. You may have to control your expenses.


The sector for personal life is highly activated with a powerful Sun and Mercury. This indicates the chances for new beginnings in personal as well as professional life. It can come as a new start like new venture, new people or changes in appearance as well. You will get many opportunities to gain people’s attention. So, make sure, you are using your skills sensibly and practically. Minor physical issues can also be the part of this transit. Venus is transiting through the sector for money and material assets. This is a time to get gifts or you yourself will buy something for you. You are very eager about up skilling and you will dedicate some time for that. Discussions for part time jobs are also seen. Minor financial issues are also seen.


Venus is moving through the sector for personal life, ambitions and aspirations. Venus indicates softness, beauty and sensuousness, so you will try to add these into your life. More focus on your appearance and physical health will come up. You will try to improve these. New people can come into your life. Finances and partnerships are the other sectors which are in activation. You have concerns regarding finances. There are some financial transactions. It can be lending and borrowing. Relationship with partners also can have some challenges to get through.


You are hopeful and same time thoughtful about your long term relations. The Sun and Mercury are moving through this sector and you will try to be very clear with your long term projects and group settings. There can be some changes in existing long term relationships. These relations can come from personal or professional domain. New people or new teams can come to you. Interaction with larger groups also is seen. You may get projects from scientific and technical communication related domain. Minor physical issues are also seen. New agreements and deals can also come up. You will have to be flexible with your partners, otherwise the partnerships can suffer.

There will be a lot of focus on career sector as the Sun and Mercury is transiting this sector. New projects can come up and they can be mostly from communication related sectors. You may be working in projects with writing, electronics and accounting. New long term projects are also seen. You may join new teams. This is a good time to make peace with your team mates and spend some good time with them. Projects from scientific and technical communication related domains also can come up. You may interact with large organizations. Minor health issues also can come up. You may have to give a lot of physical effort at work.

The Sun and mercury is moving through the sector for higher studies and up skilling. You may have some training sessions for up skilling. New projects from communication related domains can come up. Those who work in media and mass communications related sectors will be very active. You will have an enthusiastic nature towards spirituality and philosophy. Long trips and pilgrimages also can come up. Venus is triggering your career related sector, so you may have projects from creative domain. Those who work in arts and entertainment sector will be very busy. Your bosses will be in a supportive or encouraging mode. New responsibilities are on your way.

Finances and partnership sectors are highly triggered during these days. You will have new ideas to improve your finances. There are chances for joint ventures. Plans for projects with shared resources are also seen. You must look for practical ideas while dealing with these projects. You may have emotional stress, so don’t trial run with your partnerships. Your partners will have a different approach and they may not easily accept your ideas. Venus is moving through the sector for foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. You may travel long distances. Up skilling programs also are seen.

The Sun and mercury is moving through the sector for personal and professional relationships, business deals and opponents. This is actually a complex time for your partnership sector. When the Sun touches any sector, it will force to bring down purification. You are supposed to understand your partners. Please listen to them than giving your suggestions. If you try, then you can make a good growth to your partnerships. New business deals and new personal relationships also can come up. This is a time to move very carefully regarding your finances. Lending and borrowing are also seen. Minor emotional issues are also there and you should deal with them practically.

The Sun and mercury are moving through the sector for work, health and colleagues. These planets are highlighting your liabilities. So, this week can be of course complex and you are requested to make practical moves. Health wise concerns can be temporary, but still, you have to take enough medication. Please don’t fully trust home remedies. You may have to take up a new healthcare program. At work, you may have short projects. New projects can come from communication related domain. Those who work in accounting, analysis and health related domains will get more responsibilities.


Venus is moving through the sector for complexities. So, these complexities can arise from work, health or various liabilities. Projects from creative domain can come up. New creative ideas will splurge and you will spend a long time in expanding them. You may have a focus on your love life as well. You want to improve your love life, but there are certain hurdles. Please express yourself in plain and clear words. You should not hesitate to say yes, for yes and no for no. Please don’t put any one into confusion and you both are no way going to gain anything from such situation in a long term scenario. You will try to work with children and youth groups too.


Venus is moving through the sector for creativity, romance, speculative businesses and own ventures. Since Venus indicates love and sensuousness, you will try to bring a lot of beauty into your creative projects. This is a time to improve your love life. Those who work in arts and entertainment sector will have additional responsibilities. Your creative energies are increasing and you are using in various projects. You will even work with children and youth groups. Those who have own ventures will be active and busy. Your family life and health are also important. There will be a lot of communication between family members are seen. You may even spend a lot of time for family matters.


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