Weekly Horoscope from 16th April – 23rd April 2018

By Jayashree Cyrus

April 17, 2018


Your plans were stuck for the last few weeks, but from this week onwards, you will see some progress. There can be some new beginnings in the coming days as well. It can be from your personal or professional domain. You will find new friends or new teammates. Physical health will also be an important factor. Your financial sector will witness growth and weaknesses as well. This will be a very sensitive area during this month and next month as well. So, try to control your expenses. At the same time, you do have chances to get part-time projects to make money. At work, you may get new projects.


You will have a fresh beginning during this week when the Sun moves into the sector for your personality. The health was not that good in the past few days, but now, it will be progressing. You will have new issues to solve. New decisions will be taken. You may find new people. New business deals and contracts also can come up. There will be new beginnings. This is a time to deal with issues. You may get new colleagues. Your workplace also will be expanding. New projects can come up and there can be a lot of details in that.


You were having some issues related to your long-term projects during the last few days and now you will see things advancing. You may solve the issues in your long-term relationships. New friends can come to you. New long-term projects also can come up. Projects from scientific and technical domain also can come up. You will work with youth groups as well. At the same time, you have to be very careful with your health. The Sun will be moving into the sector for struggles. These challenges can come from all the areas of life. It can be physical, emotional or financial challenges. You must stay away from all the controversial issues. Please keep silent and don’t interfere in others life.


There will be changes in your career. Until now, at work or in family life you were not getting great results. From this week onwards, you will witness some progress and it is not necessary that it will be in favor of you or not. You will get signals regarding how the matter is going to end. There can be additions to the existing work or a new work also can come up. You will closely interact with people in authority. Bosses will be very demanding and you have to go an extra mile in pleasing them. New long-term projects also can come up. You may join new groups as well.

Leo Your focus will be shifting towards career and social life. At work, you may look for new projects. This is a time where your bosses can be very aggressive. New work can be a kind of complex in nature. You will have travel plans. Most of them can be long distance travels. Plans for spiritual retreats are also seen. Writing and publishing also will be a part of this week. There will be new beginnings in foreign collaborations. You will have a busy week. Up skilling possibilities also are seen.


Finances and foreign travels are the main features during this week. You will be busy in partnership related discussions. There were some financial issues and you were working hard to find solutions for that. From this week onwards you will get closer to settling those disputes. You will try to solve issues related to taxes and insurances as well. Foreign travels and projects with foreign collaborations are seen. There can be some projects from media as well. Opportunities for teaching and studies also can come up. You may go for spiritual retreats. There are chances for writing and publishing too. Libra You will have a lot of focus on legal relationships. For the last few weeks, you were researching on your personal and official relationships. From this week onwards, you will find new beginnings. Your legal relationships will take a new devastation. New relationships can come up. Discussions related to business contracts also will come up. Financial disputes are also seen. You will have to settle some financial issues as well. For the next few days, your primary focus will be on finances and partnerships. You may be going emotional stress and don’t take up too much of emotional baggage. You will be slow.


You were moving at a slow pace at workplace and work in the past few days. From this week onwards you will get the signals for progress. That doesn’t mean that it will be a fast progress, but you will be able to find solutions for your work place issues. Your lower employees or colleagues will have some concerns and you will spend the time to solve them. Health-related concerns can also come up, so take care of your diet. The Sun will move into the sector for personal and professional relationships. New relationships can come up, but you will spend more time in making your existing relationships stronger. There can be some concerns related partnerships projects also. You will think about new partners.

Sagittarius The Sun will move into the sector for work, health, colleagues, and liabilities during this week. For the next few days, you will be focusing on your work sector and liabilities. These liabilities can be physical, emotional and financial. Please be careful with work, because you will have additional responsibilities. You may even look for a new job. The creative sector is also active. You were facing a kind of slowness with your creative projects. Team ventures also can come up. New projects with your creative skills are also seen. You will think about romantic interests as well.


Your family sector is very active for the last few weeks. There will be family meetings or your relatives will visit you. Verbal spats were also there, but now there will be problem-solving. You will try to go for real estate deals and plans for relocation also can come up. This is a good phase for anything related to real estate deals. You will spend time in furnishing and decorate your houses. Serious discussions with family members are also seen. The Sun will move into the sector for creativity and romance. You will find new creative projects. The sector for romance is also active.

Aquarius You were just slowing down with your projects until last week. From this week onwards, there will be new beginnings at work with your communication skills. It can be related sales or media. You will be busy in multi-tasking. It can bring some health-related concerns as well. You will have a lot of communications as well. Your siblings may come to you. The Sun will be moving into the sector for the family. So, you will have a lot of focus on family matters too. Relocation plans and real estate deals can come up. You will try to do a lot of repairing work at home.

Pisces The Sun will be moving into the sector for communication sector. This will make your communication very blunt. You will have a lot to communicate in your official capacity as well. Your siblings also will be active. Those who work in media and related sector will be very busy. This is not a great time to be idle. You will have a lot of work and you will be multi-tasking. You have a focus on financial issues. You will try to get new part-time projects. Creative projects also can come up. Someone may ask for a financial aid. Please try to give more time to improving your worth.