Weekly Horoscope from 23 March – 30 March 2019


The Sun is bringing more focus on your personal life. There was a kind of confusion until now, but now the vision is very clear. There are some new plans regarding your life. New people may also come up. Projects from the communication sector also can come up. Financial issues are also seen, yet, there are chances for gains as well. This is a time to have a serious conversation with your siblings or get to know more about them. There can be some arguments, so stay away from such things. Short travels and studies are also seen. This is also a time for prayer and meditation.



This is a good time for long term associations. New group projects can come up.  This is a good time to get noticed by people from the opposite gender.  There will be some new projects coming up. You may get into a new team as well. Social gatherings and teamwork are also seen.  You are looking for new financial projects. There are chances to get new work, to stabilize your financial growth. There will be some arguments in your personal and professional sector, and that may bring some stress. So, stay away from all power struggles to keep a good image. Minor physical issues are also seen.



 Your work is very important. Venus will bring some creative projects. This is also a good time to get appraisals. Try to use this time carefully to be in good books of your superiors. This is a good time to improve your image as well. New opportunities also may come up. Artists and creative professionals will be benefitted from this time. This is a crucial time for your group settings as well. New friends may come in. Projects from the research and technology sector are also possible. You will be finding some time to be with like-minded people.



Long travels and foreign collaborations can be the main feature of this time. This is a good time to meet good people during your journeys. Pilgrimages are also seen. You will have an interest in spiritual matters as well. Higher studies are also possible. This is a crucial time for those who work with legal and administration sectors. You will find this as an important time for your career as well. The Sun will make you focused on your work sector. This may make you little aggressive and there are chances for power struggles. There are chances for certain real estate deals.



Financial matters are very much highlighted during these days. You may be trying to get some financial projects. Lending and borrowing also can come up. These transactions may be somewhat complex. This is also a time to know about your partners. Partnership programs are also under discussion. You may plan for some shared projects as well. This is a time to settle some issues related to insurance and taxes as well. Foreign collaborations are seen and long trips as well. You will be working with media related matters as well. Some article writing and publishing are also seen. This is also a time for spiritual matters.


Your financial matters are very prominent these days. There are chances for settlement of certain financial matters. You are trying to get some more money. This is a time to look for some partnership projects as well. Try to control your expenses. There are some issues related to partnerships or finances.  At work, you may have to be very much dedicated. Otherwise, it will be difficult to finish your projects within time. Your work sector can become very competitive.  You may be looking for new projects.



Venus is triggering your work sector. This may bring some creative projects. Some freshness at work is seen. You can see some changes at work, but they may not be bad.  There are chances to improve your relationship with your colleagues. Your spiritual self also will get activated. There are chances for foreign collaborations and long travels. You may be looking for some skill development program. Some work with media and mass communications are also seen. This is also a time to improve your relationship as well



Creative projects and social gatherings may come up. You are trying to improve your own ventures. Team ventures and networking events are also seen. You will be working with children and youth groups. This is time to go for likeminded people as well. Financial matters are also very much important. There are certain financial transactions. You will be discussing it with your partner. There are chances for a new partnership venture. Your physical health is also a little sensitive. You may need more focus on that. At work, you may have to be very competitive


This is a very important time for your family matters and personal life. Venus is triggering both the matters. So, you will find a lot of focus on your private life. Real estate deals may come up. Some family functions are about to happen. You will interact with your family members as well.  Real estate deals and repairing can also come up at home. You may even go for relocation. Mars is triggering your relationship sector.  There are chances for some changes in the existing relationships. New contracts and deals are also possible.



Your family and personal life are very much happening these days. The Sun is triggering these matters. You may have to make some new ideas for your home and family. Real estate deals and repairing can come up. This is a time for new moves regarding personal life as well. Family meetings and discussions with relatives are also seen. You may even have some emotional issues regarding your personal life. Short projects may come up one by one. Most of them can be from the communication-related sector. Relationship with siblings also can be an important feature of this week.



You will have a lot of multitasking during this week. The Sun is triggering the sector for short projects and that may bring some physical stress. You need to take some break in between. Projects from communication-related sector can come up. Siblings and relatives may give you new ideas. Creative projects can also come up. You may go for networking events and that may help you start new relationships. You will try to go for social gatherings and entertainment programs as well.  Financial matters also may need more focus. This is a time to get part-time projects, so focus on that.


The Sun is triggering your financial matters and this is a slightly sensitive time. You should not spend much, if you do so, then there will be some long-lasting challenges. At work or in personal life, you may have to go through some power struggles.  Mars is moving through the sector for family matters and home. This is a time for real estate deals and repairing. You will try to get a new deal. Family functions or debates can come up and they may end in some arguments. Stay away from all such moves; otherwise, they will affect your happiness.   Your personal life is also very important. Minor physical issues are also possible. At the same time, this is a time for new beginnings.


Jayashree Cyrus

JayaShree’s quest for astrology research started during her school days. In the year 2015 she took certification in astrology from Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidyabhavan, NewDelhi. She dedicates the credit of her astrological proficiency to God and her gurus Shri K N Rao , founder of Institute of Astrology and Shri. Deepak Bisaria , Principal of Institute of Astrology. She has 17 years of exposure in Christian theological teachings from Christian theologians, Biblical classes and counselling sessions. Email id: [email protected]

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