Weekly Horoscope from 23rd July 2018 – 29th July 2018


This week is very special due to a powerful lunar eclipse in the sector for collective projects, friendships, team ventures and hopes. The full moon indicates completions and you may complete a long-term project. There will be some visible changes in creative projects as well. You will get new ideas regarding this. This is also the sector for romance. You may take new decisions regarding your love life. Projects from scientific and technical communication are also seen. At the same time, you may have minor physical issues as well. This is a time to improve your health and vitality. Your colleagues may have some concerns regarding your work.

Your career sector will be very prominent during these days and you may expect some completions during this week. A powerful lunar eclipse will trigger this sector and you will have to be little cautious regarding your work. You may get new responsibilities. At work, you may have to complete some important projects as well. Your bosses can be very demanding. For so many reasons, you will complete some of your projects. Actually, this is a sensitive time for your work. There are few real estate deals as well. It can be like repairing or relocation as well. You may have to keep a balance between work and home.

You will be busy with writing and media related activities. There will be a powerful full moon during this week and it will trigger a lot of matters related to studies, communication, and traveling. You may complete a few projects related to writing. Plans for foreign travel also can come up. This is a time to complete a few courses as well. Projects with foreign collaboration and interaction with an international community are also seen. There will be some focus at home and family as well. Venus is triggering these matters. Real estate deals, family functions and repairing work are also possible. Serious discussions regarding family matters also can come up.

The sector for finances and partnerships will be very active with a powerful lunar eclipse during this week. This will bring a lot of focus on your finances as a primary factor. There will be completions in some financial transactions. You might have been working for a joint venture or you had some concerns regarding partnerships. This lunar eclipse will bring clarity in these matters. You will have to control your expenses, otherwise, you may have financial crunch. This is also the time to be mature and practical regarding your partnerships from personal life as well. There will be a lot of short trips. Venus is triggering the sector for communications, so you will have a lot of communication and related projects from such domains. This is also a time for multi-tasking.

You will have some completions regarding your partnerships. There will be a lot of focus on your personal and professional relationships. You will be influenced by a powerful full moon and it will bring some completions in the existing relationships. That doesn’t indicate any endings as such, but you may move in a different direction. New deals can come up as well. You may feel emotional regarding your personal life and relationships. Minor physical issues also can come up. This is a time for a retrospect as well. You are looking for new financial projects. There are disruptions in your incoming gains. So, you have to be very careful with your finances.


You may have minor health issues because the full moon will trigger the sector for health. Minor physical issues can be a part of this week and you have to take care of that. You may take up a new health care plan. At work, you may have a few short projects. They may need completions as well. A new project may come up in the coming days. Your colleagues can be very demanding as well. This is a time for minor emotional stress as well. Venus is triggering the sector for happiness and health. You will try to improve your personal life.

You will have creative projects and you are in the run to complete them. There will be a powerful full moon in the sector for creativity, speculative businesses and children during this week and you will equally focus on these areas. You may have creative projects. During this time, you will try to improve your love life as well. Social gatherings and entertainment programs are also seen. You will try to promote own ventures as well. Venus is moving through the sector for emotional challenges. You may have minor emotional issues. This is a time to plan for long distance travels as well. You may take part in spiritual and charity events as well.


The sector for home and family is highly triggered and during this week, the activity in this sector will be in a heavy mode. A powerful lunar eclipse will trigger your personal life and family and there are so many reasons to be emotional. Real estate deals and repairing can come up. You may even plan for relocation. There will be problem-solving at home. Family functions also can come up. There will be serious discussions regarding your family life. This moon will influence the sector for work and bosses as well. They will have a say in your work. They may ask for some improvements. You may complete some important projects at work.
A powerful full moon will activate the sector for communications, media, and siblings. The full moon indicates perfections and that will bring some completions in your projects. These projects can be short ones. You may have a lot of activities with communication skills. Siblings and siblings like people also will be active with you. You will have to do a lot of multi-tasking. Short and long trips can also come up. You will also plan for upskilling. Projects with foreign collaboration are also expected. You may work with your communication skills as well.

Finances and partnerships will take your focus away during this week. A powerful full moon will trigger the sector for both during this week. You may try to make more money. Expenses can also come from nowhere. So, you should be prepared very well. You are not supposed to buy any item out of emotional spur. Try to have a healthy diet; otherwise, there can be minor physical issues. Your emotional self is also awakened now. This is a time to complete some projects and search for a new part-time project. You will try for upskilling.

The full moon will rise above the sector for personal life, happiness, and health. The moon indicates emotions, so you will somehow find one or other reason to be emotional. It can be regarding any of the elements in your personal life. You may have to take care of your health and happiness as well. There can be some completions in your personal life. There will be a focus on your relationships as well. They can be from the personal or professional sector. You may find some changes in the existing relationships. You may have to stay away from all scandals as well. Long distance journeys and charity deeds can also come up.


You will have a focus on your emotional self during this week. A powerful full moon will trigger this sector. You may have to take care of your health and happiness. Minor physical issues can come up as part of the transit. This is a good time to be spiritual and active in charity deeds. Please stay away from all scandals. You may plan for long distance travels as well. There will be some concerns regarding finances as well. At work, you may have to complete a few projects. You will try to arrange your finances as well.


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