Weekly Horoscope from 24th April – 30 April 2018


During this week, you will have a focus on your financial liabilities and partnerships. You may have some emotional issues regarding your partnerships from the personal or professional domain. This is the time to think about a financial aid as well. There will be a lot of short travels and short projects as well. Those who work in communication-related domains will have to perform a lot of duties. You may try to interact more with technology and media. This is a time to make friendly conversations with siblings and neighbors. You will be busy in multi-tasking. This busy schedule can give minor physical issues as well. You will get opportunities related to writing and editing.

There can be some completions in the existing one to one relationships. This week’s full moon will be impacting your relationship sector. This indicates fluctuations in the relations. New people can come and old ones may leave. This change will be visible in professional as well as the personal sector as well. You may complete discussions regarding a business deal. There will be a focus on your financial sector as well. You will try to maintain your finances. For that, you will try to get a part-time job. This is a time for upskilling as well.


You will see a progressive mode related to your personal life from this week onwards. Venus is moving into the sector for yourself, perspective, ambitions, physical body, and personality. You will try to improve your beauty and vitality. You may buy new clothes or try a new style to improve your looks. New beginnings also can come up. You may even become a charmer. The full moon will rise in the sector for work, colleagues, and liabilities. You may complete some of your projects. Team discussions also will come up. You may even look for a new job.

During this week, a powerful full moon will trigger the sector for creativity and romance. You may complete some of your creative projects. These projects will have some complex nature. There will be a focus on your romantic interest as well. Those who are already in a relationship will have completions. You will try to display your skills. Social gatherings are also seen. You will have some concerns regarding your emotional issues as well. This is a good time to do a retrospect. You may meet people from your past as well.

Your family front will be highly active during this week. Real estate deals, repairing or relocation plans are seen. You will try to improve your standard of living. Family meetings and reunion is also seen. The full moon will be in this sector and it indicates emotions. You will have various reasons to be emotional regarding your family matters. New long-term relationships also can come up. There will be some changes in the existing relationships as well. You will join new groups. Projects from scientific and technical communication-related domains also can come up.

The sector for communication and multi-tasking will heavily activate during this week. You may complete some projects with your communication skills. Media and communication-related sectors are very active. You will be actively participating in media-related activities. Your siblings also will come up with new ideas. Short travels and short projects are also seen. Minor health issues related to neck and shoulder area also will come up. Your career sector is also active. There can be some perfection at work. You may recognize for the work you did.

Financial matters will get highlighted during this week. This week’s full moon will be rising over the sector for financial and self-esteem. You will try to get part-time projects. Upskilling opportunities also will come up. This is a time to look for new part-time projects. You may make new financial plans. Please try to do some cost-cutting. Long distance travels also can come up. You may go for career development skills. Opportunities for writing, publishing and spiritual debates also can come up.

People will see you as an emotional person during this week. This week’s full moon is going to rise right above the sector for your personal life. You will be conscious of your physical appearance. There will be some health-related concerns as well. You expect new beginnings in your life as well. New people can come to you. Financial issues also will be a part of your life. You may try to get some financial aid. There will be healing in the emotional relationships. Discussions related to joint assets and shared resources can also come up.


Your relationship sector will be highly active with a powerful Venus. There is strong chance for you to start a new relationship. It can be a business deal as well. Career sector is also active, so you may expect a job offer or a new occasion to search for a new job. You have to think twice before you enter any kind of a new relationship. There will be a focus on your emotional challenges as well. You will try to make new plans for your personal life. Plans for spiritual retreat and long travels are also seen. This is a good time to deal with your emotional issues. Opportunities for healing and therapy are also seen.

You will be having a lot of focus on your workspace and liabilities. Venus will be moving to this sector and you will get opportunities for creative projects. Your colleagues and team mates will be active with you. New projects can come up from the creative sector. You may even try to look for a new job. This week’s full moon will highlight your long-term relationships. New long-term projects can come up. There can be changes in the existing relationships as well. You will have team ventures. You may complete some team projects as well.


The sector for creativity and romance is highly active. So, you must wait for some new opportunities from creative sector. It can be a new creative project or a new hobby. You will have different views about romance. Those who already are in a relationship will have to think logically. Venus will come into this sector and you will surely try to take new strides regarding own ventures. Your career sector also will get highlighted. You may get new projects. This is also a time to get recognized for your work. You may look for a new role at work


Venus will enter the sector for family and home. This is a good time to meet your relatives and to have a word with love and compassion. You may try to do some real estate deals. Repairing and relocation plans are also seen. You will travel from home. Family meetings are also seen. Plans for long trips can come up. You will be interested in spirituality and philosophy. Interaction with an international community is also seen. Upskilling and training sessions will also come up.


Jayashree Cyrus

JayaShree’s quest for astrology research started during her school days. In the year 2015 she took certification in astrology from Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidyabhavan, NewDelhi. She dedicates the credit of her astrological proficiency to God and her gurus Shri K N Rao , founder of Institute of Astrology and Shri. Deepak Bisaria , Principal of Institute of Astrology. She has 17 years of exposure in Christian theological teachings from Christian theologians, Biblical classes and counselling sessions. Email id: [email protected]

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