Weekly Horoscope from 2nd April – 8th April 2018

By Jayashree Cyrus

April 03, 2018



Your personal life is going through a lot of transformation. More than physical changes, there will be emotional hurdles will come up, but this will be moving out from the second week of April. Until then please take care of your communications. You are trying to manage your finances. This is a good time to search for part-time ventures. There is a concern regarding your finances. You must start a saving plan. You will have a lot of temptation to spend, but please control. Your work sector is also very happening. New job offers can come up.


You are looking more at studies and up-skilling during these days. Career-related training programs and various sessions will come up in the coming days as well. An interest in spirituality will develop and you will start reading spiritual stuff. Please avoid debates on the basis of spirituality, religion, and faith. Otherwise, there will be a lot of arguments. You may plan for long trips. They can even be spiritual retreats. Emotional hurdles and minor physical issues are seen. This is not a great time to take a risk with your personal life. You will try to improve your health and vitality.


Your focus is majorly on being in your group settings. There will be changes in your friendships. The planet for communication, Mercury, is in a slowdown mode, so you will have to be careful with your communications. Projects from the scientific and technical domain are seen. You may get new friends. Old friends may have some complaints with you. There will be a focus on your finances as well. You should not experiment with your finances. There are discussions regarding shared projects. This is a good time for settling the issues with your partners.


There can be projects with your communication skills during these days. You can expect the same in the coming days as well. Those who work in the writing, editing, accounting and veterinary sector will be busy. At the same, you have to be careful with your projects. Since the planet of communication is a complex mode, so you will have to be very careful with all your communications and work. Your bosses will be very communicative with you. You will be busy in making your job very effective. Venus will be grazing through the sector for new long-term projects, group settings, and profits. You may see many changes in your long-term relations as well. New people can come up.


Your focus will be in upskilling. The planet which indicates studies is moving through the sector for foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy. There will be a lot of focus on these matters. This planet is moving in a slowdown mode also. So, you have to be careful with all your activity with these matters. Your long trips may get interrupted. So, you have to make careful plans. Foreign collaborations can come up. Career sector will also be active. You may get projects from creative and entertainment sector. There will be some freshness at work sector.


Your focus is on the finances and partnerships. The planet which is grazing through this sector is in a complex mode too. So, you have to be very careful with your finances. You may plan for shared projects. Make such plans with an expert advice. Otherwise, they may fail or become very complicated in the near future. Your partners will have some confusion for sure. Try to solve their issues with an expert opinion. There can be minor physical issues as well. This is a time to settle your financial issues. Venus will move into the sector for adventures. You may plan for long trips. Plans for higher studies are also seen.


The sector for love and marriage is highly active but placed in a complex mode. The planet for communication is moving in a slowdown manner through this sector. So, it will bring some opportunities to have arguments with your spouse. They will have different ideas and you will feel those ideas insensitive and meaningless. Please try to be gentle with them. This sector also indicates partnerships from the professional domain. At work sector also you may feel the same complexity. So, please be careful with your partners. New agreements and contracts are also seen, but please don’t take any decision in haste. Venus will move into the sector for finances. You will feel a sudden shift of focus into finances.


You will be focusing more on health, work, and colleagues during these days. The planet of communication is moving through this sector, so please take care of your communications. Especially with your colleagues, you have to be careful. Team discussions will come up and there are high chances for arguments. You may get projects with your communication skills. They can be from sales, writing, editing, health, media, or electronics. Please cross check your projects before the final submission. Your health sector is also slightly volatile. Please follow a natural diet; otherwise you may get digestive issues. There will be a focus on various liabilities.


The sector for creativity, romance and children is highly active but placed in a complex mode. The planet for communication is moving in a slowdown mode, that too in the above said sector. You have to be very careful with your creative sector. You may get projects with your creative skills, but you must go an extra mile in bringing perfection. There will be some thoughts about the romantic relationship. You may see your old partner or think more about them. This is not a great time for important decisions in romance. You will be working with youngsters as well. Venus will be moving into the sector for work, health, and colleagues. So, there will be creative projects and team discussions as well.



Your family and personal life are very active with a slowdown Mercury. This planet is the indicator for communication in astrology and it is in a bad mode now. So, you have to take care of your communications within the family and your personal life. You may display an impatient mode while being with your family members. There will be some confusion with your real estate deals, and this will not be a great time for new real estate deals. Please wait until April second week. Then this planet will move in a direct mode. You may restructure your house. Family meetings and discussions related to ancestral property can come up. You will have serious communications with your family members.


Venus will move into the sector for family and personal life and you will see a lot of focus on your family life. There will be some kind of real estate deals. You may furnish your work of home sector. Family meetings and problem-solving at family is also seen. Mars, the planet of wars is moving through the sector for emotional struggles, isolation, and detachment. You will be a kind of lost in an ocean of emotions and that can make you very repulsive. This should not bring any complex moments in your life. Try to stay away from all the controversies. Minor physical issues are also seen. You may plan for long trips.


Venus is moving through the sector of multi-tasking. So, you will be doing a lot of work with your hands and communication skills. There will be a lot of writing, sales, advertisement related jobs. Media related sector is also active. Short travels and short projects also will be a major part of this week. You may buy a new electronic device as well. Your finance sector is also volatile. So make some plans to make it stable. You will get opportunities for part-time jobs. New long-term relations also can come up.