Weird things girls do when they have a crush on someone

Are you thinking about your crush right now? Are you wondering what you should do to make the first move? Girls light up when they see their crush walking around, or act silly just to make him laugh. Having a crush on someone means feeling a brief but intense infatuation for that person. There are so many things that girls don’t realize but still do when they like someone. Scroll to see some of the weirdest things that girl does when she likes a handsome guy.

1. Wait for his text
Girls try not to act so desperate in the beginning and look forward to getting his attention at the same time. They wait for their crush’s text, and wonder what the guy feels about them.
2. Dress to impress
Ladies love to dress sophistically to impress the guy of her dreams. They want to stand out from the crowd and look the best. Even for just one glance, they want to look perfect. From make-up on point to a stunning outfit, everything should be flawless.

3. Look straight to his eyes
When a girl has a crush on a guy, she would look straight into the eyes while talking to him. It is a sign of affection and fondness. That eye-contact says everything. Even if there is silence all around, if a girl looks at the guy in his eyes, she definitely has feelings for him.
4. Try to be around as much as possible
Out-going or not, if a girl likes a guy, she would try to spend most of the time with him. Being around the crush indirectly means that ‘’I love your company.’’
5. Instantly reply
If your crush just left you a message, you’d run to reply him, no matter how occupied you are. Right?
6. Approves everything with the best friend
Sharing screenshots of your conversation, or sending one of his cutest picture to your best-friend is something we all girls love to do. We are full of excitement and contentment when it comes to our crush!
7. Checks his Facebook and Instagram
Did you see the newest post on his Facebook? Of course, you have! Who hasn’t done that? Every girl is curious to know about what is happening in her crush’s life. The past and the present, both seem like a very big deal to us.
8. Snapchat at work
Snapchat, being one of the most active social media platform is spreading love in all directions. Sending a cute snap with the most adorable filter or the craziest one levels up your progress to seek a guy’s attention.
9. Brings in humor
Girls really care about every single word that the guy says. Most importantly, they make sure to keep their conversation interesting and gripping. Every girl wants to be her crush’s happy place. She wants to make him smile and see him laugh. Girls try to be funny and loves to be cute and most of all, show their spellbinding side to the guy.
10. Smile a lot
If the guy says something sweet, the girl would definitely go pink. Even if he is talking about a boring topic like science, we surely love to see our crush talk, don’t we? If a girl has deep affection for a guy, she would smile and blush a lot. She would act shy and smile more often. We all know that feeling, right?

What is the weirdest thing you have ever done for your crush? Leave a comment!


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