What Arjun Kapoor Said After India Loses To New Zealand? Know Here!

Arjun Kapoor defended the Indian cricket team when they lost to New Zealand in the 2021 T20 World Cup Super-12 match on Sunday. This defeat effectively shattered India’s hopes for reaching the semi-finals.

On Instagram Stories, Arjun recalled how well Team India has played in the last decade and turned to fans for supportive. “Our ego gets bruised if India loses a match let alone two. That’s how well this team has played over the last 10 years or so to bring smiles to our faces and create expectations,” he wrote.

“But let’s not forget these are men who have been playing in a bubble since last year to entertain you & I while being at it… They weren’t at their best today but we as fans have to be at our best to allow them to breathe and learn from a loss or two even… Nobody likes losing but more importantly nobody likes losers who try and get off on other people’s failures either… Grow a pair and be gracious about us not winning to boost our egos,” he added.

India scored 110/7 with 20 overs and lost to New Zealand with 8 wickets. Previously, the Indian cricket team lost to Pakistan with 10 wickets.

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Arjun recently starred in Pavan Kirpalani’s horror comedy Bhoot Police with Saif Ali Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Yami Gautam. He will then appear in Mohit Suri’s action thriller, Ek Villain Returns.

Talking about the film, Arjun had told in an interview, “It’s a nice big ensemble entertainer, you know, the popcorn summer blockbuster. For me, I have grown up watching that kind of cinema, I have grown up enjoying Mohit’s films. He is such a balanced director. He understands the mainstream audience as well as today’s sensibility. We have got good music, action and all the trappings of making a credible entertainer. So I am really excited.”

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