What does Covid-19 Vaccines Mean For Menstrual Health- Debunking the Myths !

Cough, fever, and body aches are all suggested symptoms of Covid-19 vaccinations. However, what most women do not expect is a change in aunt flow- our periods. Few women have noticed changes and reported the same, but is this something to worry about? 

Oklahoma State Medical Association President, Dr. Mary Clarke recently took to the media to state that small levels of stress can affect periods during Covid 19.  Moving on, with the lockdown, financial changes, and decline of social lives, many women are facing higher levels of stress. Not to mention, the isolation from social distancing can take a toll on our mental health leading to depression and anxiety. Covid-19

The idea is Covid-19 has raised stress levels leading to changes in our hormones that control our ovaries. Adding to this prognosis, recently Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh took to Twitter and stated, “ Reduction in serotonin, can cause hormonal imbalances in post covid patients”. Serotonin is a hormone that controls our overall mood.

While this may have become a recurring dialogue abroad, Indian gynecologists have more to say on the topic. Dr. Purmina Jain Gynecologist Delhi stated, “ I have not yet come across patients who have complained about post covid menstrual problems. We have to understand that a lot of factors contribute to changes in our cycles. Changes in our environment and stress have always been majorly contributing factors to irregular periods. I can definitely agree that stress can be a contributing factor during this time”. 


There is no specific research supporting Covid-19 is messing with menstrual health. Neither is there any evidence to support the notion of vaccinations leading to irregularities in menses? If you are seeing such changes, contemplate if you recently have been experiencing undue stress or made any new changes in your lifestyle. With that being said,  if there is a noticeable change in aunt flow and you simply do not know why it is best to consult a gynecologist. 

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