What Dos And Don’ts Does Your Hair Needs: Look Up These Basic Steps


Remaining before the mirror in the women’s room during a span at the ensemble, brushing my hair, a young lady drew nearer and said, “What tone was your hair? I trust mine goes white like yours.” I said I didn’t recollect, and returned to my seat, asking why hair care is so important for every generation?

to answer the above question, hair care is as important as you need skin regimes for you healthy skin. a good hair makes up our mood and confidence where as the bad hair makes us move in downward side. every women of every age knows that dealing with hair is a big, big deal. the hair too need care to avoid dryness, fallness, breakage, double- headed hair and so on.

you all might be wondering that while using all kinds of products to protect your hair and still face the problems. it is because you all are missing some important steps to be followed to avoid all the damage and make your hair fell happy:

1.dont style your wet hair: it is very important to tell you that when you wash your hair dont style your wet hair as they are in their weakest time. let them get dry so that if you put finger inside them, they all get separated.

2. use shampoo just to scalp not your hair : if you have dry and fizzy hair then use shampoo just to massage on scalp not on your hair as washing your hair until your tips make it dry and can lead to dullness.

3. don’t rub your wet hair with towel: rubbing wet hair with towel will lead to breakage or fallness instead rub your hair with cotton t shirt so that the access water get drained.

4. don’t use conditioner on your scalp: conditioning scalp makes scalp dry, condition your hair so that they remain moisturized and don’t leave your scalp oily.

5. don’t tight high pony or buns : tying or braiding your hair tightly will pull follicle and will make hair loss early. try to make loose buns or pony tails so that it doesn’t lead to headache.


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