‘What Happened To Her Face’: Jennifer Lawrence Gets Trolled For Her Paris Fashion Week Appearance!

During Paris Fashion Week, Jennifer Lawrence attended the Dior SS 24 show. Her new facial characteristics prompted netizens to wonder if she had any surgeries done on her face. Take a look!

Jennifer Lawrence has commanded the international entertainment industry for over a decade. Her stunning features, unique personality, and acting prowess have established her as one of Hollywood’s greatest superstar. The 33-year-old actress has appeared in films such as Winter’s Bone, The Hunger Games film series, American Hustle, and Passengers, among others.

Jennifer Lawrence Attended The Dior Fashion Show

Jennifer has a successful acting career and has also been associated with a number of well-known brands. Given her long-standing affinity with Dior, it was no surprise to see the diva on the front row of the brand’s current SS24 show during Paris Fashion Week on September 26, 2023.

Jennifer Lawrence has been a Dior model since 2012. During the photocall before the performance, the Oscar-winning actress, along with other brand ambassadors such as Charlize Theron, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Robert Pattinson, looked exquisite and poised in their black-and-white costumes.

Jennifer Lawrence’s OOTN looked Stylish And Sophisticated

Jennifer Lawrence wore a white collared shirt with the buttons undone and the sleeves cuffed just below the elbow. The immaculate shirt was tucked into a black belted velvet skirt that caressed the tops of her feet gracefully, with pockets for a more casual look. She looked stunning in her black shoes with a velvety texture and pointy toe, which complemented her long skirt well. She completed her stylish ensemble with a silver watch and huge gold hoop earrings.

Netizens Respond To Jennifer’s Pics, Claiming She Has Botox Or Surgery

There’s no doubt that the actress looked stunning at the event, but it was her altered facial features that drew our attention. People are even discussing it on the internet. Jennifer does appear to be different from her past self. While some people believe she had a terrible makeup day, others believe Botox or fillers are to blame for such radical alterations in her face features.

A person remarked on X (previously known as Twitter) in response to a picture of Jennifer at the event, “We need to start citizen arresting these plastic surgeons.” “Something looks off,” stated one tweet. And I’m not excited about it. Because she didn’t require any form of plastic surgery.” Someone else said, “Please Jennifer, don’t ruin yourself with Botox.”

One person commented that she appears to be an AI version of herself. Another person remarked on what happened to Jennifer. Jennifer Lawrence looks different, according to one. Others said that it was the makeup or that her face was merely swollen, and that she did not have any surgery. “Her face just appears swollen,” one fan commented.

Other Celebrities Who Attended The Fashion Show

In addition to Jennifer, Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson, Jenna Ortega, Joseph Quinn, and Rosalia were among those who attended the event. Charlize chose a white shirt and sparkly gold skirt for the occasion. Jenna was dressed in a navy blue blazer and a long pleated skirt. Alexa wore a floral black bralet with a sheer skirt and jacket. Jisoo of BLACKPINK was dressed in a black mini-dress. Anya was dressed in black shorts, a vinyl jacket, and heels.