Relationships often comes to an end when ‘ex factor’ is involved. Majority of people don’t like it when their partner talks to their ex. As that old love or care could rebuild among them which can destroy their current relationship. These ‘ex’ situations are one of the most problematic battles in any relationship. Most of the time people wash their hand off from their relationships just to be friends with their ex.

If your partner is still talking to their ex, then welcome to the world of problems. Because it is seen that most of the time when people miss their ex or compare their present with ex or try to get back to their ex or put their current partner as a secondary option, then only they try to get involve in any sort of conversation with them.

Inviting past is surely not a good sign, here are some signs which can indicate that he/she is not the one:

Ask them to be open to you

If your partner is talking to their ex and is not open about their conversation to you or deletes their chat, then you are with wrong person. If there is nothing wrong in their conversation, then why would they hide it from you. Try to get out of it as soon as possible. In case, they are open to you and are ready to share every single detail about their conversation, then they are not doing anything wrong.

Check how often they are communicating

If they often meet or talks and you are unaware about this fact than problems are just door next to you. As most of the healthy relationships with exes involve infrequent or brief messages and phone calls. If they are conversating with them more than you or likes to talk in your absence, it is time to free yourself from such relationship.

Their response when you share your insecurity

When you share your insecurity with your partner and he understands that and try not to continue their friendship then he is not doing anything wrong to you. And if he seems to be quite defensive or dismisses your concerns and feelings, then he is not for you. However, every time it is not this way. Talking to ex doesn’t always mean that your partner still have feelings for them.

Security in your relationship

If your partner doesn’t let your relationship get affected if he/she is talking to their ex, then they love you and don’t want you to go away from them. For ensuring secured relationship you need to have patience and should not draw upon any conclusion too soon. First you need to be sure about your suspicions and should act according to the need of the situation. If they are promising you that their friendship won’t affect your relationship, then you should show trust upon him and should give them a chance to prove their words.