By Anupriya Khanna

  • Do you feel that being single is the worst thing that can happen in your life?
  • Is it hard for you to spend time on your own?
  • Do you hate the very idea of not being in a relationship?

If yes, there is a great chance that you are a phobic. Here are a few signs that can confirm it.

You are always in a relationship with no breaks in between

Nobody remembers the last time you were not in a relationship. You are constantly seen breaking up to get into another long-term relationship. Though by doing this you might feel that you are not alone and that you have someone around you all the time. But this is definitely heading nowhere. When you break up with someone, there is always a reason behind it. Give yourself some time to understand what went wrong. Try to introspect and know what type of person you want to be in a relationship.

You don’t think before choosing your partner

Because you are afraid of being single, you go on dating randomly. One moment you are seen breaking up with someone, another moment you are seen getting in a new relationship with someone you hardly know. You don’t think twice before getting into a relationship. You don’t have any checklist of how your mate should look like or what qualities he or she should possess. When someone tries to explain that your new love is not good for you and is cheating you, you feel offended and rather believe that the other person can’t bear to see you happy.

You don’t mind staying in toxic relationships

Even when your relationship is too toxic and is adversely affecting you emotionally and physically, you opt to go on with it. You give all your heart and soul to make it work. You are too keen about the idea of always being in a relationship that half of the times you don’t even realise that your partner is cheating on you. No one should tolerate any sort of negative comments, infidelity, dishonesty, emotional or sexual abuse in a relationship.

You completely lose yourself in your relationship

You get too much into your relationship and the person you are dating that you even lose yourself in the process. You allow yourself to forget all your goals. All of a sudden you are okay watching TV shows and doing things you once hated the most. You don’t speak up about your likes and dislikes and go on adopting your partner’s likes and dislikes. Also, your partner got into a relationship with you for who you were and not the new twin version that you are turning into.

You have tried almost every dating app

Just to feel secure, you always keep yourself equipped with a good number of options. And for that, you have tried almost every kind of dating and matrimonial app. You spend hours swiping and having mindless chat without ever meeting someone in real life.