What Is Radiotherapy? How Is It Used In Treatment Of Cancer?

Radiotherapy or Radiation Therapy is one of the most widely used treatments for cancer. Physicians recommend radiotherapy based on the type of cancer. According to statistics, at present 67% of patients in India seek radiotherapy for cancer treatment.

However, even in the 21st century, there are many questions in the minds of patients about this therapy. At what stage of cancer such as radiotherapy is required? Is this procedure painful? Can radiotherapy eradicate cancer? Apollo Hospital (Kolkata) consultant and radiation oncologist Tanvir Sahid appeared with the answers to all these questions.

“Patients are still scared of radiation therapy in many cases,” the doctor said. But first, it is good to say that this treatment method does not cause any pain in the patient’s body. That is to say, a lot like X-rays. And the duration of the course is determined depending on the condition of the patient. The main goal of this therapy is to destroy the cancerous cells in the patient’s body.”

According to many doctors, radiation therapy is an ideal treatment for cancer. Which is often used in conjunction with other therapies such as chemotherapy or surgery. But can radiotherapy also damage good cells in the body? “In many cases, radiation therapy damages healthy cells, but it is not permanent,” says Tanvir. This therapy is applied only to the necessary points. In addition, cells that are not cancerous can recover from radiation therapy.”

Radiotherapy can be used at different stages in the treatment of cancer such as to reduce the symptoms of end-stage cancer, as the main treatment for cancer, to reduce the size of a tumor before surgery, to eliminate the remaining cancer cells after surgery, etc.

Although there are side effects, they are very rare. And from where the concerned patient can easily heal himself. In most cases the patient is consulted. Such as weight loss, dry mouth, etc. Although doctors give the necessary advice in case of these side effects. And advise to consult with nutritionists. Physicians think that the state of mind of a cancer patient is a very important issue. Releasing the stress and anxiety of the patient concerned is very important for successful treatment.


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