What Is Tantric Sex And What Do You Need To Know About It? Check Snippets Inside

Tantric sex derives from ancient Hinduism and focuses on sexual rituals that aim to create a deep, personal connection. The goal of tantric sex is to be present at the moment to have a sensuous and gratifying sexual encounter.

What exactly is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is derived from ancient Hinduism and tantric beliefs. Tantra is derived from religious writings that emphasize spiritualism. Tantric sex is a calm, contemplative kind of sex in which the purpose is to experience the sexual journey and feelings of the body rather than climax. Its goal is to circulate sexual energy throughout the body to promote healing, change, and enlightenment.

Understanding one’s own body

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Tantric sex enables people to become acquainted with and in tune with their bodies. Understanding one’s own body’s desire allows one to include it during sex with a partner. This might result in higher sexual delight and more powerful orgasms. If a person discovers that they have emotional obstacles surrounding self-touch, they should be attentive and compassionate with themselves as they investigate what is blocking them from becoming more intimately acquainted with their own body.

Knowing one’s partner’s body


Tantric sex is about honouring one’s own body as well as the body of one’s partner. Taking the time to get to know one’s own body, as well as that of one’s partner, may help make the experience more gratifying for both persons. A person may consider giving their spouse a gentle, full-body massage to learn about their body and assist awaken their sexual energy. This may also assist a person in being more in tune with their partner’s goals and aspirations.


During tantric sex, participants might explore a variety of positions. People may desire to attempt, for example:


One partner sits with their legs crossed in Yab-yum, while the other sits on their partner’s lap, wrapping their legs around their waist. The lovers then clasp and try to keep their breathing in rhythm. If the parties so want, they may rub their genitals against one other, engage in penetrative intercourse, or simply sit there at the moment. Masturbation is also possible in this posture. Sitting cross-legged with their back straight, they can rest their palms on their knees and begin deep breathing.

The relaxed arch

One partner sits on the bed or the floor with their legs straight for this posture. The second person then kneels and sits on their spouse’s lap. The person on top then gently leans back and places their head between the knees of their partner.

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