What is Tomato Juice Good For?

What is Tomato Juice? Tomato juice is extracted from ripe, red, sweet tomatoes. The juice is rich with a   wonderful hue and usually is served either with salt or sugar. It’s a popular summer drink and also can be enjoyed throughout other seasons, too.

The benefits of tomato juice are numerous, but first, let’s examine what it is made of. Much of the tomato juice we drink is made from juices of the actual fruit, so the fruit itself is what is added to make the beverage. This gives most of the nutritional value of the juice. The pulp from the fruit is left behind, along with some of the juices that come from the skin. However, this pungent substance, known as pectin, is well-known for its diuretic properties, and it is one of the key reasons people tend to have less sodium in their diets than might otherwise be expected.


There are two main groups of vitamins found in tomato juice, namely vitamins A, B, and C. The majority of the flavor of tomato juice comes from these vitamins. However, there is also vitamin C, which is naturally found in citrus fruits and many foods, including canned tomatoes, ketchup, and hot dogs.

This is the vitamin responsible for the sharp, pungent flavor and color in the skin and flesh of the tomato. And vitamin B, which is found in meat and poultry products, green leafy vegetables, and certain types of beans, is responsible for many of the vitamins and minerals found in whole grains and other foods. Together, these vitamins and minerals make up about 50% of the total content of tomato juice.

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