What? Stop Breastfeeding At Disneyland! – Exclusive

 Disneyland Paris, formerly Euro Disney Resort, is an entertainment resort in Chessy, France, a town located 32 km (20 mi) east of the center of Paris. It encompasses two theme parks. In an Utmost bizarre incident, a mother who was breastfeeding her baby in the park was stopped to do so. The matter came to light as 3 guards of the Park reprimanded the mother to immediately stop openly breastfeed her 2-month-old child. The 33-year-old Australian was flabbergasted by the guard’s untoward behavior. She had to move away from the Park; like the picture of the Went Viral.


Netizens and French citizens Heavily criticized the incident online. twitter User@marieastier shared the photo on Sunday, where it was seen two security personnel were talking with some people & family in the park. The shared picture by her @mariedastier drew the attention of thousands of comments and shares.

The mother named, Laura, spoke with AFP about the incident. She recollected feeding her child as before the 3 guards intervened & rebuked her to stop doing the act. She was taken aback as Breastfeeding is ” Completely Natural & a normal part of life. ”

She told, “I felt quite Afraid”. Laura told AFP that the Security personnel asked; her to cover his chest or rather go to any corner, to which, she reiterated. ” I asked what was the reason to move to, as said it was for the other guests of the park, who hail from other Cultures & Religion.”, She said.

Some Tweets on Twitter asked if France should be allowed to openly breastfeed. The incident took heat on the Twitter platform as French Politician, Fiona Lazaar also joined the conversation & wrote a letter to Disneyland Paris President about the incident. She told, ” a new law that would legally allow breastfeeding in public places”.

Disneyland Paris responded to the Comments on Twitter by saying that the Theme Park has a baby care Centre onsite: which is a very comfortable site for breastfeeding & all. The Theme park sent a public message to the Twitter user & apologized to the Mother seen in the photo.

Disneyland Paris said it “deeply regrets” the situation, & apprised that there are now no Restrictions on Breastfeeding at the Theme Park.

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