What To Do If Someone Body Shames You? Don’t Be Fooled By Rubbish!

Too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, lose weight, chubby cheeks, etc are just some of the judgements that are passed by folks around us. Because of the “freedom of expression” component, they believe it is their right. However, this is not the case! No one has the authority to subject you to such drivel. People will always try to bring you down since, in today’s environment, humans are getting increasingly disturbed and unpleasant. If you do not already have thick skin or feel it is difficult for you then instead of feeling hurt and crying, you do the below-mentioned things, react that way, and let people know that you do not care! Here are some tips on how to react when people including your folks are body shaming you!

When strangers comment

If strangers comment on your appearance, first be confident in your skin, and then, if ignoring isn’t your strong suit, say “I like it the way it is, thank you,” or that it is none of their concern. You can also call the person out, but be careful with your tone. “I don’t like you commenting on my XYZ,” you can say. It is my body, and I make the decision.” However, if that individual has an aggressive mentality, it is advisable to avoid them because they enjoy causing drama, and why should you waste your time with them?

Body shaming at home

Many of us have domestic tyrants. It is acceptable for our parents, siblings, or other relatives to refer to us as fat. To deal with them, you must first love yourself and not allow them to affect you. You keep your words clean as a response by responding, “I appreciate the way I am, thanks for your care.” If you think you can help them, give them a boo on body shaming. Many people are unaware that they are doing something improper until they are told! Another option is to inform them that you do not like unpleasant remarks and that they must refrain from making such in the future.

Body shaming online

The internet can be a cruel place. People have nothing better to do with their time, and online hostility has become all too frequent. They enjoy vicariously pleasurable experiences, and if you get drawn in, you’re done! The first step in this process should be to ignore them. Do not call them names because, as we all know, no one is safe today, and people have recently become walking dynamites. Use sarcasm if you truly want to answer! On yourself, not on anyone else! When you make jokes about yourself, as comedian Bharti does, the body shamers don’t have anything to eat!


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