What’s It Like To Own KKR? Shah Rukh Khan Says ‘First 5-6 Years Were Difficult…’

Shah Rukh Khan, the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) co-owner, has constantly supported his cricket team. He often cheers from the stands, but his role extends beyond that. In a recent conversation, he opened up about KKR’s formative years, which were marked by financial struggles, team management issues, and on-field performance challenges.

His dedication and strategic decisions played a crucial role in overcoming these challenges and shaping KKR into the successful team it is today.

KKR: The Early Struggles

Describing his role as the 12th man on the team, SRK shared,

“The first five-six years were very challenging. I am not a cricketer… But I was the 12th man in KKR. As the 12th man, how to go field, serve the water, give the towel, and be able to explain that it is ok, give it time. Everything should be allowed to breathe.”

This heartfelt statement underscores his profound connection with the team, even in the role of supporter and motivator.

The Rise To Glory

Through sheer determination, KKR carved its name as champions in the fifth season of the IPL in 2012 and triumphed again in 2014. These victories were not solely the outcome of the players’ hard work, but also the unwavering support and encouragement from SRK, who played a pivotal role in inspiring the team to success. His continuous cheering and demonstrated commitment and dedication to KKR during the ongoing season further underscored his leadership and influence on the team’s achievements.

A Break From Filming

SRK announced that he had decided to take a hiatus from his work after three releases in 2023, namely Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki. He said,

“I just felt ki main thoda rest kar sakta hoon. Teen filmein kar chuka hoon, it took a lot of physical work also. So, I said maybe I’ll take some time off. I told the whole team ki, main matches ko aaunga. Fortunately, meri shooting ab August main hain, ya July… we plan in June, to June se shuru hojayegi. So, I am absolutely free to come to all the matches. Main khushi se aata hoon.

(I felt I could rest. I did three physically demanding films. I told the whole team I’ll come to their matches. Fortunately, I don’t shoot my next till August or June, we plan in June. It makes me happy to be here).”

This pause in his filming schedule underscores his loyalty to KKR and his eagerness to support the team.

Upcoming Projects

Shortly, the actor will start filming “Tiger versus Pathaan” alongside Salman Khan. This much-awaited project solidifies Shah Rukh Khan’s position as a Bollywood legend and will likely be another blockbuster. His ability to balance his job and his love of the Kansas City Royals is evidence of his enthusiasm and dedication to his craft.

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