When Anushka Sharma Hit Back At Farokh Engineer’s Claim Of Selectors Serving Her Tea: International Tea Day

Back in October 2019, Anushka Sharma stood firm against the burrows taken at her, and hit back at the allegation that she was seen being served tea by the selectors during the 2019 World Cup. Previous Team India cricketer Farokh Engineer had guaranteed that the selectors were serving her tea during the World Cup.

It’s International Tea Day today, and we were helped to remember this episode that occurred a year ago. Anushka, who isn’t known for being vocal about gossipy tidbits and reports about her, ended her quiet over this and discharged an announcement via web-based networking media.

Explaining for the last time, she composed a long articulation wherein she tended to these cases as well as reviewed different debates where she was accused for Kohli’s terrible structure in 2014. Talking about Farokh Engineer’s cases, she stated, “The most recent adaptation of these not well proposed lies is that I was being served tea by selectors during the World Cup! I came to one game during the World Cup and sat in the family box and not the selectors box as detailed but rather when has reality made a difference when it’s about comfort!”


It further expressed, “In the event that you have a remark on the determination panel and their capabilities kindly do as such as it’s your assessment however don’t drag me into it to prove your case or sensationalize your supposition. I won’t permit anybody from utilizing my name in such discussions.”

Farokh Engineer later apologized and talking on a TV channel, he said that he just said it jokingly and individuals are making a mountain out of a molehill. Farokh included that she is a stunning young lady and has been hauled into it with no explanation.

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