When Asking A Girl To Marry You; Avoid These Bad Proposal Ideas- Checkout!

Proposing to the love of your life is undoubtedly one of life’s most memorable events. And practically every woman fantasises about the ideal proposal and has likely imagined countless situations in her thoughts. Nonetheless, even if you believe your partner will enthusiastically accept your proposal, there are a few proposal pitfalls you must avoid. Take a look at three of the most ineffective methods to propose to your future bride so you can avoid them.

Keeping the ring hidden in her meal

Many people think of putting the ring in a croissant or a glass of champagne. Though this may appear to be a romantic idea for a surprise proposal, it does provide a choking threat that is anything but romantic. So, don’t ask a restaurant chef to make a chocolate lava cake with the cake in the middle, since your future bride could just swallow it!

The proposal was made in front of a large crowd, with loud music blasting.

If you’re dating an introvert, this may be a nightmarish scenario for her, because having all eyes on you can be humiliating for someone who is timid. The sight of a large number of strangers looking at you would embarrass your lady love. So, while planning to pop the question, think about the activities your spouse enjoys doing.

You’re asking her to marry you during another person’s wedding.

Proposing to your wife in front of all of her relatives and friends, while you may believe it will be an easy ‘yes,’ is a horrible idea. It’s possible she hasn’t informed her parents that you’re dating. Furthermore, even if she prefers to take her time before saying yes, you are putting her on the position with such a public proposal that, if she declines, tarnishes her reputation.

It’s reasonable to suggest that careful planning and possibly inquiring of her closest friend about a nice manner to propose to your lady are safe bets.