When Karishma Kapoor’s Ex-Hubby Asked His Mother To Slap Her As She Couldn’t Fit Into An Outfit Post Pregnancy!

Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor has a promising career graph. She touched great heights in her professional life at a very young age. But things were not all rosy for her on the personal front. Kapoor lived a turbulent life with ex-husband Sanjay Kapur. She faced numerous difficulties and suffered a lot emotionally at the hands of Kapur. The two ended their marriage on a bitter note.

Besides washing their dirty linen in the public, Karishma dragged Sanjay to the court and filed a police complaint against him accusing him of domestic violence. Not only this, she also lodged a dowry harassment case against Sanjay and his mother Rani.

According to reports, Karishma in her charge sheet mentioned how Sanjay once asked his mother to slap her just because she could not fit into a dress after putting on some weight post pregnancy.

Karishma also told the cops that Sanjay tied the knot with her only because she was a film star. He wanted to get the limelight and used her as his trophy wife to boast off in his elitist social circle in Delhi. In her complaint, Karishma had said, “I also realized that he had exchanged the wedding vows with me only because I was a famous and successful film star which would help him him to be reported in the press.”

“It surprised me that he always wanted to be known in public and be popular, but since he never did any deed worth to be mentioned about, he was not able to attract any attention. Hence, he decided to flaunt me as his trophy wife in an elitist social circle in Delhi where he was trying to gain prominence at that time,” she added.

For the uninitiated, Karishma Kapoor settled down with Sanjay Kapoor in 2003. The two had a grand wedding ceremony. After 11 years of living together, the duo got separated in 2014 on an ugly note.