Why do we celebrate Father’s day?

Father’s day is celebrated on third Sunday of June, and in India, it’ll fall on 20th June this year. It is a day when all the father’s around the world are celebrated and appreciated for all the love they’ve given and sacrifices they’ve made.

As a quote says, “A father is a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love.” For every child, a father is a figure of utmost importance. This day is to honour that importance and virtue of fathers.

June 20, 2021 is Father’s Day in India.

But how did it start and who started it?

The history goes back to a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, who is believed to be the founder of Father’s Day. Her mother died while giving birth to her sixth child. She and her five siblings were raised by her widowed father. Mother’s day was already established. Sonora wanted a day that appreciated fathers equally. She went to churches and spoke to local authorities to start a tradition. Soon she found success when Washington State celebrated the first Father’s Day on June 19, 1910.

It was way too hard for this day to gain national and international importance. One reason being that men thought it not so masculine to buy and give gifts. In 1920s and 1930s a movement started to put an end to both these days and start celebrating Parent’s Day. Mother’s Day stayed and soon Father’s day caught momentum.

Since earlier times all over the world, women were seen as primary caretakers and men as the bread earners of the family. Soon the world started evolving and women began working and men started getting involved with the family.

A lot of psychological studies have been conducted to prove importance of Father’s in lives on their children. It is proven that children with involved father are much more likely to become emotionally, intellectually and socially healthy.

WhatsApp has launched a new set of stickers honouring fathers. The sticker is named after popular Bollywood song “Papa Mere Papa.” It was initially introduced in India, but now it’s been rolled out across the world.

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad,” said Wade Boggs, and we all know the amount of truth in this statement. If you haven’t already, you can simply open your dad’s WhatsApp chat and send him a sweet little sticker and make him know you appreciate him.

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