Why Indian Women are Beginning to Dominate the Poker Scene

By Jessica Williams

The issue of gender inequality has been present within the sporting community for decades. However, we are beginning to witness a level playing field and many women are rightfully enjoying the spotlight. One excellent example of this observation can be seen in the growing prevalence of female poker players. In fact, some of the most well-known personalities are Indian and they bring much to the table. Names such as Nikita Luther, Amrita Sethi, Minissha Lamba, and Babita Agarwal have been dominating countless matches and their presence continues to grow. What are some of the reasons why females could very well have a slight edge over their male counterparts? While this is a rather controversial question, it is still important to take a closer look. We can therefore begin to determine where the sport may be headed in the future.

Highly Analytical Mindsets

It has been observed in the past that women tend to be more analytical then men when dealing with specific situations. This is an obvious advantage when playing poker, blackjack or learning about unique card games such as those described at andarbaharindia.com.

We are not necessarily referring to a cold method of calculation. On the contrary, some females have the ability to step outside of their current playing situation in order to view their decisions from a more objective point of view. This may provide them with a strategic edge when big blinds are at risk or during situations associated with a fierce amount of competition.

A Truly Level Playing Field

Poker is a game of skill, instinct, talent, and insight. This is why even those who are familiar with the rules will require years of practice before they consider themselves to be professionals. Another point to mention is that unlike some sports, physical prowess, strength and size are not required when playing poker. So, it only stands to reason that women are beginning to take advantage of such lucrative opportunities.

We mentioned some of the traits which can often serve to define poker players in the pervious paragraph. Aggression is another useful emotion on occasion. However, overly aggressive players can often succumb to their emotions and make poor decisions. Women might not be as prone to emotional aggression. This can offer them a massive edge when the stakes begin to rise.

To be completely clear, poker is not a game defined by gender in any way, shape or form. This is why both males and females can take advantage of all that is in store. Still, it is great news that women are beginning to embrace the competition associated with such an exciting sport. Might we one day witness a female WSOP winner? The foregone conclusion is that this scenario will occur in a matter of time. Although some traditional males might not such fierce competition, the presence of women will add an even greater sense of depth to the game as a whole. Ultimately, female Indian poker players are here to stay.