Why Is Lili Reinhart Skeptic About Her Met Gala Invitation?

Lili Reinhart is an American actress popularly known for her roles like Betty Cooper and more. The actress in conversation with W magazine believes she will not be welcomed to the Met Gala again. It is because of something she said about a particular dress about a particular person.

Lili meant the comment she made after Kim Kardashian appeared at the Met Gala 2022 red carpet in Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress. Kim Kardashian shared at the time that to fit into the dress, she lost 16 pounds in three weeks.

Kim had said that she would wear a sauna suit twice a day. She would also run on the treadmill, cut out sugar and carbs, and eat the cleanest vegetable diet with proteins. SKIMS founder mentioned that she did not starve herself, but she was strict. The beauty mogul said that she wanted the iconic Marilyn Monroe to look.

Lili had said at the time via her social media stories that a person (Kim Kardashian) was going to walk on a red carpet and do an interview where a person talks about how starving they are because they haven’t eaten carbs in the last month. The actress said that all this was just to fit into a fucking dress. Lili concluded that it was wrong on so many levels, especially when the person knows that a lot of girls would look up to her.

The Riverdale actress described the entire situation by saying that ignorance is other-worldly and disgusting. Lili explained that she is not an angry person, but the toxicity of the industry sometimes really gets to her. Fans should stop supporting celebrities whose entire image revolves around their bodies, she said.

Lili does not regret calling it out and explains that she always wanted to stand for something meaningful. The actress said she never overthinks what she posts. It has to be a true representation of how she feels. Lili said she would say that whether she had 100 followers or 100 million.