‘Why Is She In A Bag?’: Fans Unimpressed With Deepika Padukone’s FIFA WC Outfit; Criticised International Fashion Label!

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone created history on Sunday. She is the first Indian to disclose the FIFA World Cup trophy. The final was between Argentina and France. It ultimately led to Argentina winning after a thrilling final. Before that, Deepika Padukone and the former Spanish footballer Iker Casillas unveiled the prestigious Jules Rimet Trophy.

She walked onto the field at the Lusail Stadium in Doha with Iker holding the golden trophy. After that, Deepika’s pictures and videos from the finale took over social media. Many users discussed her outfit in particular.

Some people praised her for representing the country in one of the world’s high-profile sporting events. But a section of online users was less than impressed with Deepika’s outfit. She wore a white shirt. She wore a statement brown jacket. She paired it with a black skirt. She wore high heel boots.

Her look was designed by Louis Vuitton. She is an ambassador for the international brand. Fans said that she ‘deserved better’ than the ‘atrocious’ outfit the label made her wear. The trophy arrived at the stadium encased in Louis Vuitton trunk too.

Fans commented fiercely. They said, “What did you all make my girl wear????” “Louis Vuitton, you should have given her something better to wear, why are you doing that to her. Why?” “Stop putting atrocious clothes on this stunning, stunning woman… she deserves better,” “Why is Deepika in a bag?” “That outfit is a hate crime,” “But why is she dressed like a duffel bag” etc.