Why Netflix Is Getting So Popular These days?

Netflix is getting more and more popular these days. It seems like people watch it every day some even watch it more than “regular” TV. There are a number of shows that are only available online, full seasons of shows are there 24/7. Netflix has led to people using phrases like ‘Binge watched and Netflix and chill’. There are various reasons why people are buying its subscription and what makes it so darn cool is that it offered recommendations based on what the user purchased.


Netflix is so confident that you will surely enjoy their services that they let you give them a trial for one month, entirely free. If for some reason you were dissatisfied you can cancel them on any time and your credit won’t be charged. When it provides so much comfort and convenience why would anyone not want to give it a try? The influence of Netflix is everywhere now, be it in your friend circle or the actress you follow on social media, all are so much into Netflix and chill zone these days.


They keep on actively promoting their original series and movies which get the attention of the audience and get them trending within hours of their release, for example, the series ‘13 Reasons Why‘.  The series is so popular on the internet with everyone talking about it and sharing their experience’s of watching it while waiting for more seasons to come! Such fascinating situations lead to convincing more and more people to follow the same trend as social media is the biggest influencer these days.

A few shows offered to stream and download by Netflix.

Netflix is particularly popular among the age group of 16 – 24 and the reason can be the convenience of multi-devices availability you can watch it on your laptop, TV, smartphones and tablets etc. With hundreds of shows available on Netflix, it has become the most popular streaming service these days. It’s safe to say that Netflix is the new happy place where you can get your desired services on one click and watch your favourite web series that leaves with joy and new experiences.


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