Why You Should Leave Your Razor Behind And Switch On To Laser? Here’s All You Need To Know

Even though we have several options to remove unwanted hair from our body, many of us go for either shaving or trimming. Laser hair removal is still a forbidden measure for many of us. This happens mainly because most of us really don’t know how it works. Let’s educate ourselves on what it means. Read on.

What is laser hair removal?

Firstly let us learn some science; maybe a recollection of what we have learnt in our schools. To begin with, laser is an intense beam of light energy. Now, when it comes to hair removal what happens is that this laser is absorbed by the melanin in our skin. Laser is again converted into heat. This destroys the hair follicle and leaves the surrounding skin delicate.

Unlike other hair removal tricks, you can remove hair from any part of the body using laser. Only thing you have to be mindful is the skin type. The effect of laser varies from person to person depending on the skin types.
It was found that laser works best on pale skin and dark coarse hair. This necessarily doesn’t mean that it won’t work in other combination of complexion and hair.

Another myth regarding laser hair removal is the pain it brings. There is no truth in saying there is no pain at all. Don’t you remember the common saying ‘No pain No gain’? Same is the case with lasers too. But one fact for sure is that anyone can grit their teeth and bare the little pain. After all, if you want to flaunt your arms to toes, you’ll be prepared enough to deal with the momentous pain.

What makes laser different from other hacks is that you can bid bye to those annoying black dots making your legs feel prickly. In case if your skin develops any kind of sensitivity against the laser, don’t worry. The salon will give you cream to help with it too. You’ll also see your skin maintaining same smoothness even after hair grows again.

Another added benefit is that you can permanently get rid of those razor burns.
For effective removal, you may need around five sittings. This may take a few months in total but it’s worth the time and money. Once you are done with the 6-12 treatments you can visit the salon for ‘top-up treatments,’ This will help you in grooming yourself.

Ensure not to expose your body to sun or any photosensitive medication before and during the treatments. In that case, winter is the best season to get done with your laser hair removal. The treatment is said to be affordable too.
Hope we covered all the basic points of hair removal. Aha, one more thing to keep in mind is that the laser hair removal machine will give you an unpleasant smell. If you’re already okay with the scent of burning hair, it’s fine. If not, be prepared to put up with it too. No big deal!

So then why wait? Know your skin type. Plan your laser hair removal treatment. Time to say bye to blotchy legs and hi to glowing skin.

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