‘Wifey, I Love You’; Is Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Really Back Together? Really?

‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ is about to end, but the twists in Kardashians’ lives keep on rolling. The again on and again off pair Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner is here with their new pics together. Not just the pics, but the world is really behind on what made the rap-mogul baby daddy publicly announce his love for the beautiful Jenner.

It was during a speech, the 30-year-old Astroworld musician declared his love for 23-year-old Kylie and their pretty little kid Stormi Webster. “Stormi, I love you, and wifey, I love you,” Travis thanked his family after receiving an honour at the 2021 Parsons Benefit Giving to the New School. Thereafter, on the red carpet, the celeb family posed for photos which did put the internet on fire. When all the talks revolved around this hot pair, Kylie herself posted one photo on her Instagram where she is seen sitting comfy next to her Travis.

Earlier in May, Kylie lashed out at gossips saying that she and her rapper were in an open relationship. “You guys really just make up anything,” her tweet read. She further added that she was not discrediting anyone who is in an open relationship. And also said that it was just careless and disrespectful to throw this narrative out there without knowing what’s true. However, the Kardashians have not confirmed anything about their comeback together.

Besides their reunion, what has stirred up the internet is their gorgeous appearance. Travis was seen wearing a dark suit and Kylie a vintage Jean Paul Gaultier accompanied by its spherical bra. With her black dress and sneakers, little Stormi created a storm too. Kylie also shared behind-the-scenes photos from “24 hours in New York” which showed the couple ‘back to intimacy’ since their split in 2019. The photos have garnered around 11 million likes so far.

In 2017, Kylie and Travis got together. After a few months, she became pregnant and there rose the little star Stormi in February 2018. The next year, they broke up. But this didn’t stop them from hanging out together. And they have themselves gestured that it was all for their daughter. They have also carefully concealed their happenings in love life from the show. The couple made their last appearance together at the premiere of Netflix’s Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly in August 2019.

However, the rapper and CEO just look picture-perfect together.

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