Will Delhi Break The Record Of 1975, This Monsoon? Read To Know The Fact

Delhi Rain 2021

Will The Record Of 1975 Be Broken this rainy season?

After the Delhi hot summer, finally, the city received torrential rains. The torrential rains have broken Delhi’s record of the last 46 years. So far it has rained 1100 mm. In 1975 earlier there was 1150 mm of rain, and now the monsoon is up to 30 September. As the chances are being made, according to that the record of 1975 may also be broken soon.

Meteorologist Mahesh Palawat told that there is a possibility of heavy rains in the coming days, but after that, this monsoon will again move towards the south i.e. Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. They say that earlier so much rain used to happen in 3-4 days, but continuously this period is getting shorter. The present condition is the result of an ecological disorder, created by humans. We have seen human interference in the environment which has affected the cycle of weather and its potential.

This picture is of Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, where a situation of water-logging has arisen after heavy rains.

What is the reason for this torrential rain?

Mr Palawat says, the first reason is the easterly winds, ie east, from the Bay of Bengal. As the result, there is continuous moisture in Delhi and NCR. There is another important reason, that is the low pressure in North Rajasthan. A monsoon trough is formed when there is low pressure. These low-pressure areas receive a lot of rain as they fall in the line. This line after passing through Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, this low-pressure area has reached Delhi and NCR.

The other major reason for such heavy rains is the ecological imbalance. Human intervention affects the weather cycle. As a result, the rain which used to take more days, that day it took only a few hours. All that happened in Delhi was a clear sign of increasing ecological disorder.

Delhi rains 2021

Delhi Rains 2021

How long will Delhi receive rains, where will the next low-pressure rain area be after this?

After the rain in Delhi, the condition of the people had become miserable. Roads have been waterlogged, people had been facing difficulty in commuting. Heavy rain is also expected in Delhi in the coming days. This low-pressure area afterwards will move towards the south. This area falls in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Hence, there could be a possibility of torrential rains in these states in the coming days.

Will the 1975 record be broken?

Mahesh Palawat said that the monsoon is up to 30 September. So it will rain more. Till now Delhi has received around 1136 mm of rain. If in the coming days, we receive this kind of rain even for 2-3 days, then the record of 1975 can be broken.

Delhi rains 2021

Delhi Rains 2021

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