Will Digital Marketing Save Theatres In Post-Covid Scenario?

The pandemic has affected everyone greatly but especially the theatres. With OTT platforms taking over content streaming, people prefer staying at home over going to theatres. Bollywood studios and producers are now planning to resume advertising strategies, like exhaustive marketing, promotional campaigns and digital marketing. These strategies have proven successful in getting audiences for movies released in theatres prior to Covid. Producers hope to be successful even after. Sooryavanshi, one of the first films after covid, fared well in theatres.

Digital Marketing

From appearing in reality television shows to getting featured in print, radio and hoardings, producers are taking every measure to ensure that they advertise the movie as much as possible. There are large finances dedicated to digital spending and influencer marketing to create content material using trailers, songs and cast interviews on digital platforms. Instagram has also become a tool for such advertisements. Dance challenges and trailer reactions become trends, bringing the movie into the limelight.  This promotes followers to watch it in the theatres.

Before social media marketing, producers would promote movies through multi-city excursions; going to malls or schools to appeal to the youth. This method then became unsafe as COVID-19 forced people to minimalize social interactions. With the lockdown easing up, studios and producers have the responsibility for an increase in the movie viewership. They also spread the awareness of theatres being completely safe for functioning.

Reason For Promoting Theatres

The confidence in only theatrical releases came from the initial successes of movies that took the risk. Siddharth Anand Kumar who is the vice-president for movies and occasions of Saregama India recently mentioned, “The field workplace earnings of movies like Sooryavanshi have introduced quite a lot of pleasure and confidence and producers will not be being conservative when it comes to spends proper now. The activity readily available is to let individuals know cinemas are protected and open and that the expertise of watching a movie on the large display can’t be replicated at house, so all the hassle is going into that route.”

The need for digital marketing is only increasing, with youths relying primarily on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Even though theatres are back to normal, the audience is thinking twice before stepping into one.

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