Will Shaktimaan Be Able To Give A Tough Fight To The Western Superheroes? Read The Mass Opinion!

Sony Pictures International Production has come up with the most exciting news for superhero fans. They have announced that after the success of various superheroes across the globe, it is time for our very own desi Superhero Shaktiman.

The video, in the beginning, shows a satellite hovering over the earth, and then the scene changes to the city of Mumbai. It flashes “As Darkness And Evil Prevail Over Humanity, It’s Time For Him To Return.” India’s most popular hero Shaktiman will make a comeback with this movie.

The announcement is made on the Sony Pictures Films India YouTube channel and has received more than 14 lakh views in less than 20 hours of its release. Fans have flooded the comment section with congratulatory messages. One was quick to write, “For us 90s kids, Shaktiman is a major figure.” Another wrote, “Sony is on a mission to bring back 90s kids lost memories…hats off”

After this announcement, the real question that arises in the minds of the youth of the nation is whether our superhero will be able to give a tough fight to Superman, Spiderman, Batman, and his alike.

It is not that directors and producers in India have not experimented in this field before but a superhero movie like Ra. One was not able to create an impact in the manner that it had aimed for.

This step of releasing a superhero movie will be a giant leap for Hindi cinema if it does well and its graphics and effects look convincing to the audiences.

The dilemma of the people can be seen in comments like ” This will not be like the West.” Also, because people have seen the story before, this new concept might not be able to keep the audiences glued to the screen if it is not made in a manner that enthralls the fans. One fan wrote,” Hope it doesn’t disappoint us”

As from the mass response, the fans are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for the movie to match up to their expectations.

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