“Without Paul, It Has Been A Tough Journey”: Paul Walker’s Brother Reacts To The Tribute

“Paul would have never imagined the franchise going this far,” Cody Walker, Paul Walker’s brother, said when he was asked about how he feels about the honour the Fast and Furious’ team paid to his brother’s legacy with the 9th installment of the film. Contrarily, the ‘Fast and Furious 9’ is about hit theatres.
Later, Cody added, “Vin [Diesel] and company have done a really good job of tastefully paying tribute to Paul’s Character, Brian O’Conner.” While having a conversation with TMZ, he told that whenever Paul used to ride out on the streets, people stopped him in the middle to tell him, “You’re the reason that we love cars,” and he always responded the same way, “Me too!!!”

Late actor Paul Walker started his acting life in the television soap opera, in the early 1990s. The show was named ‘The Young and the Restless’. The late actor started getting recognition after appearing in the show. Later he joined the Fast and Furious’ franchise, which gave him a new recognition,  famously, the name and fame of Brian O’Conner. He played his role in a world class manner. Creating an extraordinary image, Paul became one of the most celebrated actors of Hollywood.

He died on 3oth November, 2013 in California, USA. His death made the franchise of Fast and Furious think, “The next journey will be tough”. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are best friends-cum-brothers both on and off the screen, which then doubted Dominic Torreto’s presence in the next parts of the film.

Paul Walker died due to a car crash, which took place in the middle of filming ‘Furious 7’, that time. According to the TMZ, the script for the 8th installment referred to Paul’s character a few times. Since Vin [Diesel] realised that he cannot see his brother, Paul, again, he has always tried to pay the best tribute to him in award ceremonies, whenever he has taken Paul’s awards in hand. He has sung with blurry eyes…

“It’s been a long way, without you my friend,
And I’ll tell you all about it when I See You Again (Wish I could see you again).”

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