A woman dries her underwear under the AC in flight, VIDEO is breaking the internet!!

It is difficult to write down the pain of having an annoying co-passenger on a flight! It gets tougher when it’s a long journey. Now if we need to have a breakdown of the kind of annoying passengers we get to meet mid-flight, crying babies will top the list. Followed by snorers, gossipy and too noisy passengers. Currently, what is breaking the internet is something unusual! A woman passenger who was flying on a packed flight from Antalya to Moscow with Ural Airlines went on to drying her underwear under the AC vent.

Ouch! No, we weren’t subjected to this sight live. But a passenger from the back filmed a video that shows this woman drying her lingerie openly in the flight. The video was first sent to Russia’s The First Tula website and now it is all over the net. An eye witness also shared that people looked at it with surprise but everyone remained silent. The eye witness also said that the woman wasn’t embarrassed and she continued to dry her underwear for around 20 minutes.


When the video went up on Twitter, Twitteratis couldn’t handle it and called it disgusting! Here is the video:

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