Women Are Taking Over the Poker Scene

The original poker boom began in 2003, when Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event at the World Series of Poker, which was televised on ESPN. If that happened today, it would be big news, but this was before Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, and more. Today, there is a new kind of poker boom. 

If you follow poker, then you might think I’m going to write about PLO, which stands for Pot Limit Omaha. A lot of players love PLO because of the huge pots. However, PLO will never be No Limit Texas Hold’em because there is more strategy and analytical thinking in No Limit Texas Hold’em. Additionally, NL poker tournaments have the biggest prize pools, as well as many highly skilled female poker players. 

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I have played poker all over the United States and a little bit in the Caribbean. This has totaled 81 poker rooms. I write books, articles, YouTube scripts, I co-host a poker radio show, and I have been fortunate that one of my poker trilogies will be turned into a movie. I could tell you many stories about my adventures, and I could teach you strategies based on what I have learned, but nothing compares to the rise of female poker players. 

Women Think Differently

In fact, many male players fear female players on the felt. The reason for this is simple. Poker has a lot to do with people and their behaviors and tendencies off the felt. Those behaviors and tendencies often transfer to the felt. Most men feel like they can’t figure out women. In reality, women are more similar to men than people think. They are human beings. But when a man gets it into his head that women are confusing, they’re a make mistakes at the poker table. 

It should never be viewed as ‘this is how a man plays’ vs. ‘this is how a woman plays.’ It should be viewed as ‘this person plays this way’ vs. ‘this person plays that way.’ I played in a poker tournament today where a female player didn’t raise with AA in the Small Blind when it was folded around to her. I was in the Big Blind with 5c 2c and checked. I flopped a straight draw and she bet the minimum on the flop, which gave me the odds to call. I hit the straight on the turn and cracked her aces. 

If this was a player like Chris Read or Ruth Hall, there is absolutely no chance I would have seen that flop. They would have both raised in an instant. And their playing styles are different as well. They’re both going to play AA fast, but Chris is going to fire big early to avoid having to deal with any draws. Ruth is more likely to place a value bet. They are both aiming for folds, but Ruth is more about getting value in the event she is called and then relying on her reading ability to fold if she senses her opponent took the lead on the turn or river. 

The Next Wave

Both Chris Read and Ruth Hall have done well for the female poker scene, and they are big driving forces behind getting more women into the game. That said, there is another level of female poker success. For instance, Vanessa Selbst has won $11.5 million, Kathy Liebert has won $6.7 million, and Annie Duke has won $4.27 million. These three women got to these levels by taking chances. 

Today, playing is easier than ever from anywhere in the world with technology and the internet. Whether you’re looking to play poker or other casino games, like Mega Moolah’s jackpot you can take your shot at increased wealth with online gaming. 

The female poker players named above have done well for themselves, but they also primarily play live poker. It’s not always easy to find live poker and casino games, but it is easy to find online poker and casino games. An added benefit is that you don’t have to drive anywhere or get dressed up. You can literally win money while wearing your pajamas.