‘Would Be Great If You…’: When Vidya Balan Retorted A Reporter Who Advised Her To Lose Weight!

Vidya Balan, who started her career with the TV show Hum Paanch, has featured in some memorable films. She has a bulky demeanour which she is quite proud of. But despite all this, Vidya has been a victim of trolling because of her figure. Many people criticize her for being overweight.

Something similar happened in 2017 when Vidya’s film Tumhari Sulu was released. In a conference of the film, a reporter advised her to reduce weight to play glamorous roles. Vidya who is known for her witty answers gave a befitting reply to the journalist.

When the reporter suggested Vidya to lose some kilos in order to portray glamorous roles on scree, she said, “I am happy with what I am doing, it would be great if you can change your thought process.”

This was the first time when Vidya was openly targeted for her weight. After this, she faced questions on her figure multiple times but she answered them all wisely.  In an interview, Vidya had said, “When I was 17 years old, someone told me that if I drink 10 liters of water a day, I will lose weight. I started doing that. But almost every night I used to vomit.”

Vidya told that her family members got upset as she had to be taken to a doctor because of such practices. She said that when she stopped drinking water like this, her weight increased again.

Workwise, Vidya Balan appeared last in thriller film Jalsa alongside Shefali Shah. She will next star in romantic comedy with Pratik Gandhi and murder mystery titled Neeyat.