You Will Be Amazed To Hear What Shruti Hassan Wanted To Do Before Becoming An Actress

Kamal Haasan has to be named as one of the most famous actors in Tollywood. He is now a veteran actor. He has played major roles in many films in Bollywood. He is also seen as a versatile actor. At present, there are famous actors in the country. Kamal Hassan is at the top. Along with him, his daughter Shruti Hassan has also entered the film industry. Although she has not had much success yet, her struggle continues. In an interview she gave to the media, she told us about the work we had to do in the beginning. While doing that, she hid the identity that we are the daughter of a famous actor. Even so, she had said this time.

Shruti Hassan

Shruti Hassan says that before coming to film, she was working as a singer in a restaurant in Mumbai

Although Shruti has not had much success in Hindi films, she has made a name for herself in Tollywood. Over the last few days, many of her films have received a huge response from the audience. Shruti has now tried her luck on OTT too. Her acting on that medium seems to be appreciated. Shruti Hassan, who is active on social media, had worked in different places in the early part of her career. It is presently being talked about on social media. Shruti’s name has a lot of glamour in Tollywood.

Kamal Jassan and Shruti Hassan

Shruti Hassan with her father Kamal Hassan

Shruti is not only an actress but also a singer and a good writer. Even when his father was a superstar, Shruti was determined to build on his potential. And she succeeded. She told us in an interview what we had to do before we got into filmmaking. Before coming to film, she was working as a singer in a restaurant in Mumbai. At the time, she was hiding her true identity. She said that if she had given her identity, she would have got the job easily. So she did not show that identity. We were singing in a five-star hotel in Juhu. That was said. Then I used to sing songs by Brian Adams, Celine Dion. And entertained the audience present. At that time no one knew who I was, whose daughter I was

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