Young Actors Should Focus More On Mental Health, Says Aspirants Actor Sunny Hinduja

As we continue our battle against the health crisis that has engulfed the nation, actor Sunny Hinduja hopes that people don’t forget about taking care of their mental and emotional health, other than their physical health. he says, “If this situation had happened some years ago, I would have also been in a hand-to-mouth situation. I am grateful I am in a better state now, but there are actors I know who are struggling, some have left Mumbai. The pandemic has been a big setback for a lot of people.” The actor urges every individual to reach out to as many people as they can, to talk and share their issues and be there for one another — something that he himself has been doing.

“I strongly feel that, more so after Sushant’s (Singh Rajput) death last year. Mental health has to be taken care of at such a time when we are in the middle of a pandemic… people are sitting at home without work, all alone, it gets difficult. We take care of our physical health but we don’t take good care of our emotional and mental health,” he points out, wondering why seeing a psychiatrist is still considered a taboo.

“If you share [what’s bothering you], you feel fine. If not a shrink, then people should share their problems with their friends; even their friends should nudge them to share. Apne apne level par help karo. Mere pehchan ke itne saare log struggle kar rahe hai. I am saddened and I am in touch with many, as some of them live alone and are not working,” he added.

Hinduja, best known for his roles in Aspirants, The Family Man and season 2 of Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare, asserts that there has to be enough emphasis on the mental well-being of actors, especially the younger lot.

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