Your child feeling anxious all the time? Here are some tips and tricks to help your child deal with anxiety.

The anxiety of a child get boosted up as he grows, with all the problems growing around, which are invisible for the parents to see all the time. While all kids worry from time to time about small things, the level of the anxiety increases with the age and the amount of worry. When anxiety in kids is untreated, it can lead to poor school performance, substance abuse and missed social experiences.

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Do You Have Anxiety Issues?

Ask yourself, are you a constant worrier? The way you behave with your child might affect his mind. There are chances if a parent is anxious then the same symptoms might indulge in the child. Be careful; your persistent thoughts of doom and gloom can affect your child as well. Set an example to your child – show him/her that although you feel worried, you are making efforts to control negative thoughts and stop panicking.

Set Clear Expectations

It’s important to have similar expectations for anxious children that you have for non-anxious children. However, it can also be helpful to proceed at a slower pace and make some accommodations. Setting clear expectations and helping your child create appropriate benchmarks to meet those expectations teaches your child that she/he can work through anxious feelings and manage their anxiety.

Talk to your child

Talk to your child about anxiety, what is happening in their body and why it happens. Many children and young people don’t know what they are feeling when they are anxious, and it can be very frightening and overwhelming. They might even think they are very ill or that they are having a heart attack.

It’s Okay To Worry

Tell your kids not to be anxious about being anxious – it’s okay to worry sometimes. Worrying is a kind of protection mechanism for us – by amplifying perceived threats, our brain sometimes alerts us to dangers ahead, and that helps us to do something about tough situations. So, highlight the positive side of worrying. But too much of worrying is not okay.

The Cause of Anxiety

There are thousand feeling in a child’s mind and as a parent one should find the reason of the child being anxious all the time. All children feel the worry monster creep in from time to time. They might stress about school or arguments with friends. They might feel anxiety about their grades or whether people at school will like them. In younger kids, worries can take the form of separation anxiety or not fitting in at school or in any other atmosphere.

Console your children and talk to them

Tell your child it will be okay, and the anxiety will pass. It can be helpful to describe the anxiety as a wave to ride or surf that gets smaller after it peaks.

Spend time with your child

Spend time with your children as much as you can and try to understand the needs and behavior of your child. What makes him happy or what makes him feel anxious. Make him feel that you understand him and his problem and its okay to feel such way and its normal. If the problem does not resolves then you seek an expert’s advice.

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