Your Favourite Stars Who Vanished From Spotlight; Where Are They? What Do They Do?

Some celebrities shot into fame with a single movie. Likewise, some celebrities disappear from the limelight leaving no trace behind. We may wonder where they vanished into and may see them someday in a totally different setup. Let’s meet a few top celebrities who are successful on and off-screen.

Let’s begin with Kevin Jonas, one of the most illustrious Jonas brothers. While his younger brothers Joe and Nick are still in the industry, Kevin left the stage. After being a family man, he chose to be a contractor. He co-owns JonasWerner Homes, a custom home-building company in New Jersey. Besides all these, he is a dad to two little girls and a loving partner to Danielle. However, Kevin has not fully left the music world.

Moving to a few famous women who shifted from reel to real. Remember Phoebe Cates from the sensational ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High?’ Who is gonna forget her? Surprisingly, she is a small business owner right now. She is running a Manhattan boutique, ‘Blue Tree’ which specializes in women’s clothing and homewares.

Meet the actress Karyn Parsons from the very privileged The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Guess what she does now? She is lending her talents to philanthropic endeavors. Cool right? She runs the Sweet Blackberry Foundation to narrate the stories of lesser-known African American heroes to children.

Next comes Sarah Michelle Gellar from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sarah is co-founding the baking kit company Foodstirs since 2015. She has turned out to be a confident entrepreneur within no time.

Mara Wilson is our next name on the list. This actress who had come as a child artist in the 1990s is a contemporary writer. She has penned books Sheeple and Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame. She has also managed to set a major comeback. This time not with acting roles but with lending her voice to a few episodes of the Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman in 2016.

Remember the woman who played the role of Hairdresser in Hairspray? Nothing wrong to say that she got inspired by the role. Yes, am talking about Nikki Blonsky. Blonsky works as a hairdresser and cosmetologist in her hometown, Long Island.

And here is the handsome Dylan Sprouse serving coffee and craft beers in New York’s East Village. Cole Sprouse’s real-life twin brother who played Cody in Disney Channel’s popular teen show also owns and operates All-Wise Meadery, a brewery in New York.

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