Your Guide To A Balanced Lifestyle; Details Inside

During the era of remote working, many people have blurred the lines between work and their personal life. Whether you are working from home or from an office, it is important to implement boundaries to protect your mental and physical health. When you prioritize your career over your personal well being, you will begin to experience negative side effects in many different areas. If you want to truly thrive, you must find a way to balance your time and energy. In this article, we will share healthy tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Step 1: Wake Up At the Same Time Each Day

Whether you have your first meeting at 6:30am or 10:00am, it is beneficial to have a consistent morning routine. Research shows that waking up at a similar time is more important than having a routine bedtime. When you wake up at varying times each day, you may begin to feel scattered and unprepared. The physical body responds well to habits. By developing a consistent habit, you will have more energy each day.

Step 2: Create a Safe Space

If you are working from home, it is extremely important that you have one part of your space that is designated for work and another for resting. Your neural pathways are constantly creating associations with different people, places, and things. When your area of rest is also an area of work, it will be hard to alleviate stress during the hours in which you are off. Create a safe space in the house that establishes a peaceful atmosphere. Some important components of this space include natural light, calming scents, books, journals, and flowers. Plants are known for establishing a sense of calmness. Juniper Flowers sells flower subscriptions as well as a la carte floral options that you can use in your home or at an upcoming event

Step 3: Verbalize Your Boundaries

Take time to think about the boundaries that you need to implement in order to maintain your well being. These boundaries could include how many hours that you will work per week, taking time off throughout the year, or taking a lunch break each day. Once you set your boundaries, talk to your coworkers and peers about the value that you are placing towards these goals. It is important to set the correct expectations about what your coworkers can and cannot expect from you in the future. Once you establish these goals, keep track on how well you are maintaining them in order to hold yourself accountable.

Step 4: Find Joy

Many people find joy in different things. If you have a hobby that you truly enjoy, take the time to practice this activity each week. Whether you enjoy painting or exercising, you can release stress and create positivity by completing this activity. By implementing joy and spontaneity into your schedule, you will learn to appreciate the small moments in life.


Finding balance in the day to day is incredibly difficult. In order to thrive, it is important to create boundaries that promote quality work and restful play. When you add rest and fun into your routine, you will likely experience a greater sense of accomplishment and inspiration in your professional career.

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